Finger Foods for FIT JSAA Reception 日本FIT会NY支部懇親会用のフィンガーフード

Hello, everyone!  This past Wednesday, there was a talk and a reception organized by FIT JSAA (FIT Japanese Student and Alumni Association) where I am the head.  The guest speaker was Ms. Tomoko Ogura, the Senior Fashion Director of Barneys New York and the location was Material Wrld's office. 
皆様、こんにちは!今週水曜日は、私がまとめ役をさせていただいております日本FIT会NY支部(FIT JSAA)主催の講演会・懇親会がありました。ゲストスピーカーは、バーニーズニューヨークのシニアファッションディレクターの小倉朋子さんで、場所はマテリアルワールドのオフィスを使わせていただきました。
Here is Ms. Ogura (center) and Ms. Rie Yano (right), the Co-CEO of Material Wrld and Ms. Jie Zheng (left), the Co-CEO of Material Wrld.  I truly appreciate for these three persons for their warm cooperation toward FIT JSAA! Thank you very much!
こちらが小倉さん(中央)、マテリアルワールドの共同CEOの矢野莉恵さん(右)と、同じくマテリアルワールド共同CEOのJie Zheng さん(左)です。この3人の方々のFIT JSAAへの温かいご協力に大感謝!本当にありがとうございました!
I prepared five kinds of finger foods for the reception.  They were all well received!  Young students and graduates helped for the set-up and that was a great help!
This is my new kind of finger food style quiche!  They contain chia seeds, potato, and cherry tomato.  Some people said to me that they loved this the most!
This is tandoori chicken thigh, and I served them as finger foods.  These were gone quickly as well!
This was very popular in the last reception, so I prepared this again.  Belgian endive with smoked trout and cucumber.
These are my signature quiche with kale, spinach, parsley, avocado, tofu, and white miso.  The green color turned out to be very nice!
I also prepared apple loaf with goji berry.  I made apple sauce with Fuji and shizuka.
Many people wanted to talk with Tomoko personally after her talk, and when she finally had time to eat, some of the foods had only one piece left!  OMG!  She kindly said, "that's good" and I am glad that she had an opportunity to eat my beauty foods.

#ilovefood #foodmatters #youarewhatyoueat #BWNonWE #美容食

For those who are in NY, I will be preparing food for the Fall Cleaning Party by HappyDoll on the 18th.  This is a fun charity event to clean up your closet and you may find something you would like to take home.  All the money you need to pay is $25.00 admission.  You can find about the Spring Cleaning Party this year here.  I look forward to seeing many people on the 18th!

Fall Cleaning Party
Saturday, 10.18.14
2 - 5pm

What's Mine Is Yours
RSVP by Oct. 13th

1930 Broadway, 3rd Floor Party Room
(btw. 64th & 65th)
$25 tax-deductible donation per person
(cash, checks, and credit cards accepted)

Bring your things - take home their things
And make new friends, all for a good cause!
(Bring your clean unwanted clothes, accessories, kitchenware, toys and anything else, ONLY in good condition)

All items remaining after the event will be donated.

To RSVP click: I Will Attend or I Will Not Attend
Walk-ins are welcome!

Please help continue our work and donate. It will bring a smile to a child in need.




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