Finger Foods for the HappyDoll Spring Cleaning Party! ハッピードールのスプリングクリーニングパーティ用フィンガーフード!

Hello, everyone.  The weather turned to be like summer in New York this past weekend!  I had very busy for cooking this weekend and first of all, I would like to write about that I prepared two finger foods for the HappyDoll Spring Cleaning Party on Saturday.  This is a great party for charity!  The participants bring some things they no longer need and pay $ 25.00 which is tax-deductible.  Then, people can take home what they want without spending any additional money!  Isn't that great?  The left over things will be donated for charity.  This time, HappyDoll( raised $1,700!  They also collected six laptops for Labdoo ( and the computers will be sent to Kenya!  I donated my old notebook.  I have been to Kenya 27 years ago to see wild animals, and now, my notebook is going to travel to Kenya for a good cause!
She is Ms. Nozomi Terao, the founder of HappyDoll!  Nozomi san, thank you very much again for inviting me to the opportunity to introduce my beauty foods in such a wonderful party!
These are the foods I prepared.  One is my signature quiche with green vegetable and tofu.  The other one is Belgian endive with smoked mackerel, cucumber, ginger, lemon and some seasonings.  I sprinkled chopped onion chives on the top.
Both were very popular and as soon as I put them on table, they were gone quickly!  One lady came up to me and said, " I had a feeling I have not had enough vegetables these days so I ate these a lot!"  As this Belgian endives were really popular, I decided to include this in the menus for my cooking class in June! 
Many of my friends came as well, and it was a good opportunity to meet many people!  This lady, Kyoko has been reading my blog and we got to know through Facebook, and she came to the party.  It was our first time to meet in person! 
This lady on the right is Rie, who is the founder of Material Wrld ( which provides fashion trade-in service.  Last year, I went to her lecture in New York and wrote an article about it.  It was the first time to meet her after her lecture and I was very happy to be able to see her again!
こちらの右側の女性、りえさんは、ファッションアイテムの下取りサービスを提供しているマテリアルワールド( の創業者です。私は去年、ニューヨークで行われた彼女の講演会に行き、記事を書かせていただきました。そのとき以来の再会、とても嬉しく思いました!
People picked up what they wanted very quickly and many things were gone immediately!  I was busy for refilling the food, but I got this bag!  This is from MZ Wallace and almost brand new!  Lucky!


615日(日) 午前10時半午後1時半
16日(月) 午前10時半午後1時半
場所: NYママサロン(ユニオンスクエアのそば)
617日(火)   午前10時半~午後1時半
場所: NY式部会(アッパーウエストサイド)

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