Finger Foods for FIT JSAA Reception 日本FIT会NY支部懇親会用のフィンガーフード

Hello, everyone!  Last Wednesday, there was a talk and a reception organized by FIT JSAA (FIT Japanese Student and Alumni Association) where I am the head.  This was the location: it was 75th floor of the Empire State Building!  The night view was incredible!
皆様、こんにちは!先週水曜日、私がまとめ役をさせていただいております日本FIT会NY支部(FIT JSAA)主催の講演会・懇親会がありました。こちらがそのロケーション。エンパイアステートビルの75階です!夜景が素晴らしかったです!
This was the office of KATSU NEW YORK which is producing textiles in Japan and marketing them to the U.S. apparel and interior markets.  J Crew, Marc Jacobs, Thom Browne, and Rag & Bone are some of their major clients.  The company started using organic cotton 10 years ago, and has been conscious about sustainability.  Mr. Yoshinobu Asami, the textile engineer and Ms. Chikako Hanaoka, the Senior Vice President  of KATSU NEW YORK talked about the corporation and that was very informative and meaningful lecture.

After the lecture, we had a networking reception!  I prepared quiches with three green leaf vegetables and tofu, quiches with chia seeds, potato, and cherry tomatoes, sweat potato salad with apples, skewered pickled orange cauliflowers with prosciutto and Japanese turnips, skewered persimmons with prosciutto and Japanese turnips, and Indian spiced banana breads!  They were all well received, and all were gone by the end of the party!  Some people mentioned that they were impressed with the great combination of persimmons, prosciutto, and Japanese turnips.  It seems that many people do not have an opportunity to eat persimmons, however persimmons are very rich in vitamin C!  Therefore, I try to eat persimmons often during the season!

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