Pickled Tri Colored Cauliflowers 3色カリフラワーのピクルス

Hello everyone!  It is sunny but cold and very windy.  While I was watching the New York Marathon, I prepared pickled tri colored cauliflowers!  Although this may look very simple, I had to be very careful about many details; to make the each color very pretty, not to cook them too long, not too sour and not too sweet.  After all, I managed to make the taste and the look I like almost.  They were delicious!  I like they are not too sour, therefore I started eating 15 minutes after I pickled them.  It's good that we can start eating them soon.  As they look pretty, we can serve these for special occasions. 
I bought the cauliflowers in the local green market yesterday morning.  Cauliflowers are rich in vitamin C.  According to this article, purple cauliflower gets its rich purple color from anthocyanin which are strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.  Bright orange colors are from carotenoids which help keep your skin, mucous membranes, and eyes healthy.  According to this article, orange cauliflower's vitamin A content is approximately 25 times higher than white cauliflowers!

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