Purple Potato and Pomegranate Finger Food 紫イモとザクロのフィンガーフード

Hello, everyone!  It has been a holiday party season!  In the past Sunday, I was invited to my friend's holiday party!  I was asked to bring one dish and this was what I prepared!  The purple part was steamed purple sweet potato and the pink one was pomegranate and the green one was rosemary.  The all three ingredients have strong anti-oxidant power!  The white cream was sour cream.  They look very cute, don't they?  They are pretty tasty as well!  You could use purple potatoes instead of purple sweet potatoes, but purple potatoes were not available at that time.  As I use them with skin, I wanted to use organic potatoes and the purple sweet potatoes were available in the local green market on Saturday morning.
She is the hostess of this party, AK!  AK is a singer, song writer and she has been very supportive my beauty food concept!  I made this finger food with her image of beautiful diva in my mind!  AK loved this very much!  Great! 
Except my food, AK cooked everything else!  This was not everything!  She loves cooking!  Approximately 50 people came, and it was very lively!

And, we celebrated her birthday, too!  Happy Birthday, AK!  I look forward to continuing to share fun and happy time together!

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