Enzyme Syrup Class by Mayumi Tsutai at NY Shikibukai NY式部会で蔦井まゆみさんの酵素シロップクラス

Hello, everyone.  Today, I attended the enzyme juice class by Mayumi Tsutai at NY Shikibukai.  I attended Mayumi's walking class last year, which was one of the top five things I was glad I did last year!  Enzyme is the important part of my beauty foods, therefore I joined the class today!  The fruits used today were kiwi, lemon, and blueberry!
She is Mayumi!  Mayumi has very nice smile, and she taught us how to make enzyme juice as well as the benefits we can get from the juice very precisely.  I asked many questions!
This is the juice we received to take out.  It has very bright red!  It was delicious, and we could use this juice for many different things.  I may want to add ginger.  I look forward to making and drinking my juice!
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