Persimmon and Avocado 柿とアボカド

Hello, everyone.  It was snowing heavily yesterday, but it turned to be a beautiful day today!  It was still cold but therefore, the color of the sky was gorgeous blue, and the contrast of snow white and blue sky was really beautiful!
It is supposed to be getting warmer from Sunday.  Spring will be coming finally.  That is good as it was a very cold winter here, but there are some vegetables and fruits I am going to miss, and persimmon would be one of them.  Persimmon is very rich in vitamin C and I put persimmon together with other fruits today.  I think avocado especially works well with persimmon.  Avocado is very rich in vitamin E!  Here, I put them together with pomegranates as well as prosciutto.
Here, I put them together with grapefruits and pomegranates!  I loved both of them!

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