Gomoku-Mame ( Authentic Japanese Soybean Dish) 五目豆

Hello, everyone.  As the New Year approaches, I made this very authentic Japanese dish, Gomoku-Mame a few days ago. Thankfully, this received many "likes" on my Instagram, so I'm introducing it to my blog as well.  In addition to soy beans which are rich in isoflavones, I also added carrots which are rich in vitamin A as well as beta carotene.  I used burdocks with skin because the skin has anti-oxidant properties.  The dried shiitake mushrooms are high in vitamin B-2 which helps to digest fat.  Kombu seaweed is good for detox.  Green daikon leaves added nice color on this brown dish which are cooked with soy sauce, organic sugar, and mirin which is Japanese sweet rice wine.  When I buy daikon, I save the top part and keep in moisture with little bit of water, and then the leaves which are convenient to use for decoration come out!  The daikon leaves contain vitamin C more than daikon itself!
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