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Hello, everyone.  On the 26th, I was asked to prepare some food for a neighbor's Christmas party.  The hostess saw my blog and we chose five dishes.  I prepared two salads, and one of them was tofu dressed kale salad.  This was very popular in my cooking class as well, and soy beans and carrots are in it too.  It seems that this was the most popular among the foods I made despite of that there were no Asian people in the party.  I am glad that this kale salad was well received!
Another salad was beets and apple salad.  This was particularly well received by ladies.
I prepared two kinds of finger foods.  One is avocado toast with smoked salmon, purple onion, roasted red bell pepper, and pomegranate.  The other one was skewered pineapple, basil, chicken, and grape tomato.  The chicken was marinated with soy sauce, ginger, and orange marmalade.
I was also asked to make deep fried shrimp shinjo which uses chopped shrimp mixed with some vegetables and seasoning. 
I was glad that I was able to serve them while they were hot!  This was also popular in my cooking class.

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