Cold Miso Soup with Corn and Okra コーンとオクラの冷たい味噌汁

Hello, everyone!  It has been very hot!   I tend to stay indoor as the heat and sunlight are too much to me.  When the weather is super hot, we tend to have cold drink and food such as cold beer, ice cream, shaved ice, and frozen yogurt, but I try to minimize to have them as they are not good for our health.  When I still want something cold, I try to have something nutritious.  Last night, I made this miso soup with corn and okra.  After I made miso soup with corn, I cool it down and then added minced okra and leave in refrigerator over night.  As okra absorbed liquid, it gets sticky.  The miso soup was like this this morning!
I added ginger juice as well.  In Japan, there is a way that cold miso soup is poured on rice, but I had this one only without rice.  The corn was sweet and crunchy and okra was crunchy too, and this was delicious!
I poured some of this on tofu stake, and it was a good idea, too!
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