Eggplant Caponata at Summer Home Party 夏のホームパーティでナスのカポナータ

Hello, everyone!  Last night, I was invited to my friend's home party.  The friend, AK is a singer/songwriter.  AK loves cooking and she always cook so many different dishes for her party.  She always gives me an opportunity to introduce my food.  Thank you as always, AK!  This time, I brought eggplant caponata.  Everyone was very impressed with this dish, and that made me very happy!  Usually deep-fried eggplant is used for caponata, and I used to do that as well.  One day, I felt that it was too oily, and I thought alternative method of preparing eggplant for caponata.  I introduced this in my cooking class last year at NY Shikibukai, and I am thinking to include this dish again in my cooking class this fall as this was so popular. 
The lady on the left is AK!  Thank you very much for your warm support as always!
Except my caponata, AK cooked everything else!!  Later, pasta and chicken dish as well as two desserts were added.  Isn't this great?  Everything was delicious!  The view was nice and it got really crowded with 40 to 50 people!

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