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Hello, everyone!  I had my beauty food social dining, YOSHIKOlicious Beauty Kitchen last night.  Thank you very much for everyone who joined.  The theme for June was Spanish food!  I did Spanish social dining last October, and that was very popular.  Some people said they would like to attend again even if the menu is exactly the same, but there are summerlike Spanish foods I wanted to introduce, so I prepared something new except the most popular two dishes from the last time.
皆様、こんにちは!昨夜、私の美容食のお食事会、YOSHIKOlicious Beauty Kitchenを開催しました。参加してくださった皆様、ありがとうございました。6月のテーマはスペイン料理です!去年10月にもスペイン料理のお食事会をやって、大好評でした。まったく同じメニューでもまた参加したいとおっしゃってくださった方もおられたのですが、夏らしいスペイン料理でご紹介したいものもありましたので、前回最も人気の高かった2品以外は新しいものをご用意しました。
This time, I bought some foods and ingredients from Rika san who is importing and wholesaling Spanish foods.  The foods we are holding are Cabeceto Lomo which is a kind of Iberico pork ham and Manchego cheese Rika san recommended.  They were so delicious!  I also used olive oil, saffron, white anchovy, and paprika which Rika san is carrying.

Another appetizer was my version of pan con tomate.  I first prepared mixture of tomato, garlic, olive oil, salt, and black pepper in food processor.  After I placed them on the sliced and toasted baguette, I added white anchovy and then sprinkled chopped parsley.
I then served cantaloupe gazpacho.  Tomato gazpacho is traditional, but I occasionally make gazpacho with cantaloupe, honey dew, or water melon.  In this case, I like to put a melon ball in the center of the soup and add a little bit of olive oil.
People are always amazed with how tender my boiled octopus is.  I added paprika, olive oil, and chopped parsley on the top.
This is salpicon la marisco ( seafood salad in Spanish).  I used lobster, and the dressing contains chopped anchovy.  This is also summerlike Spanish food.
The main dish was of course, paella!  My paella is always very popular!  Once again, thank you very much for those who attended!
By the way, this speaker which my son made with a vintage hat box got attention from the people who came yesterday.  He is a university student and his major is electronic engineering, and he has been making speakers with vintage trunks.  This one has been sold out, but other ones are available at 10 ft Single by Stella Dallas, the vintage shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  If you are interested in, please check it out!
ところで、私の息子がビンテージのハットボックスを改造してつくったこちらのスピーカーも昨日いらしてくださった皆様に注目していただきました。大学生で電気工学を専攻していて、ビンテージのトランクを改造してスピーカーをつくっています。こちらのは売約済みなのですが、ブルックリンのウイリアムズバーグにあるビンテージショップの10 ft Single by Stella Dallasで他のを扱っていただいています。ご興味おありでしたら、是非チェックしてみてくださいませ!

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集英社のOur Ageで5月から、私の美容食を紹介する連載「NY発!美しくなるトリプル美食」が始まりました!月1回更新の予定です。是非ご覧ください!

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