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Hello, everyone!  It is getting chilly in New York!  Last week, I held my beauty food social dining, YOSHIKOlicious Beauty Kitchen.  The purpose of this social dining is to have an opportunity to try my beauty foods with friends and friends of friends in fun, cozy environment and gain knowledge about foods which are good for health and beauty.  Thank you very much for those who attended! 
皆さま、こんにちは!ニューヨーク、涼しくなってきました!先週、私の美容食のお食事会、YOSHIKOlicious Beauty Kitchenを開催いたしました。このお食事会は、私の美容食をお友達やお友達のお友達と一緒に楽しくくつろいだ環境で試していただき、美容と健康にいい食事について知識を増やしていただくことを目的としております。参加してくださった皆様、ありがとうございました!
The theme of this month was fish!  I love fish, and I used various kinds of fish in different ways.  The first dish was appetizer with white anchovy, kohlrabi, and basil cheese.  Anchovies are an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids.  Kohlrabi is rich in vitamin C.  Basil is high in vitamin A which helps to maintain the health of skin and membrane, as well as vitamin E which is strong anti-oxidant.  The green color of the basil cheese is very pretty, and this cheese is very delicious!
The second dish was Hors d'oeuvre with endive and trout.  The stuffing is a mixture of smoked trout, Japanese cucumber as well as some seasonings and spices.  Ginger is contained as well.  I sprinkled chopped chives on the top.
I then served broccoli and avocado salad.  I added bonito flakes in this salad.  Bonito flakes are very rich in protein.  Broccoli is rich in vitamin C, and avocado is high in vitamin E.  Chopped onion, Japanese mayo, and soy sauce are contained and this has been one of my favorite salads.
This is a mixture of daikon and Japanese cucumber dressed with bonito shuto ( kind of Japanese anchovy).  I wanted to use shuto in some way, and I got an idea of this dish on that day, and it went very well. 
This is sauteed garlic chives seeds with anchovy with lemon flavor.  I sauteed chopped anchovy and garlic chives seeds, and then added lemon juice at the end of sauteing.  This has been my favorite for years as well.  This is pretty easy to make, and delicious.
This is sword fish steak.  Sword fish is rich in protein.  I added chopped red and yellow bell peppers on the sword fish so that it looks better.  Red and yellow bell peppers are very rich in vitamin C.  Olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, and black pepper are used for the seasoning. I sprinkled chopped parsley on the top right before I served.
At last, I served roasted salmon with anchovy garlic butter.  Yes, two kinds of fish are here!  I added capers at the end.  Salmon contains astaxanthin which is strong anti-oxidant.  Caper is known to be rich in rutin which is a kind of flavonoid compounds.  This is very delicious and easy to make as well. 
Thank you very much again for those who attended!  It was fun night as usual.

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集英社のOur Ageで、私の美容食を紹介する連載「NY発!美しくなるトリプル美食」が掲載されております!月1回更新の予定です。是非ご覧ください!

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