Daikon Leaves 大根の葉っぱ

Hello, everyone!  It has been cloudy today.  I have written about the benefits we can get from daikon leaves for skin in this article.  Daikon leaves contain more Vitamin C than daikon, they contain iron more than double compared to spinach, and they are also rich in Vitamin A!  I have been looking for new ways to use daikon leaves.  I was thinking a way which I don't have to cook the leaves and at the same time, I don't have to taste the bitterness of raw daikon leaves.  Then, I got a good idea!  I tried it, and it was a great success!  I have been already repeating the recipe! 
I first make julienne strips daikon, daikon leaves, and carrots.  Then, I sprinkled salt on them and leave them for a while.
After a while, I squeezed the vegetables in order to get rid of the excess water.  Then, I dress the vegetable with soy sauce, organic sugar, and chopped walnuts. 
By putting some sugar, I don't have to feel the bitter taste of the raw daikon leaves and the taste is great!  I think this could be one of the best ways to eat daikon leaves!  I love this!

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For those who are in NY, I will be preparing food for the Fall Cleaning Party by HappyDoll on the 18th.  This is a fun charity event to clean up your closet and you may find something you would like to take home.  All the money you need to pay is $25.00 admission.  You can find about the Spring Cleaning Party this year here.  I look forward to seeing many people on the 18th!

Fall Cleaning PartySaturday, 10.18.14
2 - 5pm

What's Mine Is Yours
RSVP by Oct. 13th

1930 Broadway, 3rd Floor Party Room(btw. 64th & 65th)
$25 tax-deductible donation per person
(cash, checks, and credit cards accepted)

Bring your things - take home their things
And make new friends, all for a good cause!
(Bring your clean unwanted clothes, accessories, kitchenware, toys and anything else, ONLY in good condition)

All items remaining after the event will be donated.

To RSVP click: I Will Attend or I Will Not Attend
Walk-ins are welcome!

Please help continue our work and donate. It will bring a smile to a child in need.


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