Finger Foods for HappyDoll's Fall Cleaning Party ハッピードールの秋のクリーニングパーティ用フィンガーフード

Hello, everyone!  I prepared three finger foods for the HappyDoll's Fall Cleaning Party last Saturday!  This is a fun and wonderful charity event; this would be a good opportunity for you to clean up your closet and then if you see something you like, you could get them for free!  All the money you need to spend is $25.00 for the admission and that is tax deductible!  Regarding HappyDoll, please check here
This is the quiche with chia seeds, potato, and cherry tomatoes.  They were very popular at the FIT JSAA's reception the other day, therefore, I made them for this event as well.

This is hors d'oeuvre with Belgian endive with beet and apple salad.  I introduced this salad in my YOSHIKOlicious Beauty Cooking Class at the end of September in the NY Shikibukai.  I cut the beets and apples differently and put them in the each endive; I wanted to introduce an alternative way to serve the salad, therefore I made this.  I was happy to see the nice red color!
こちらはビーツとリンゴのサラダの入ったエンダイブのオードブルです。このサラダ、9月末にNY式部会でやらせていただきましたYOSHIKOlicious Beauty Cooking Class でご紹介したのですが、ビーツとリンゴの切り方を変えてエンダイブに入れ、こんな風にお出しすることもできますということをご紹介したくておつくりしました。赤の色がきれいに出来て、嬉しかったです!
This is my brand new finger food!  This is bite size gratin with mainly three different mushrooms and tofu.  I put chopped Italian parsley on the top, and then warmed them up in the oven there.  All the three foods were very well received!  Great!!!
She is Ms. Nozomi Terao, the founder of HappyDoll!  Thank you very much for Nozomi san to give me such a wonderful opportunity to participate for your event with my beauty foods!
Many people come to the event!  They are Ms. Chiyo Abe (right) and Ms. Kaoriko Kuge (left) who are the famous senior anchors and reporters from Fujisankei Communications International.  They both loved my foods!
AK (center) who is a singer-song-writer came in at the last minutes.  By the time AK san came, all the foods were gone (too bad!), but I am sure that I will have another opportunity for her to try these!
Taeko san (center) and Yukiyo san (left) who have come to my cooking class were there, too!  I am glad to see you both!
People had fun with checking stuff there.  I got some things as well.

The next cleaning party will be in spring.  Please look forward to participating for that!

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