YOSHIKOlicious Beauty Cooking Class in September 9月のYOSHIKOlicious Beauty Cooking Class

Hello, everyone!  Today, I am writing about the YOSHIKOlicious Beauty Cooking Class I did yesterday at NY Shikibukai.  This time, the theme was "how to use beets green in fashionable way."  I truly appreciate for everyone who attended!
皆様、こんにちは!今日は、昨日NY式部会でやらせていただきましたYOSHIKOlicious Beauty Cooking Classについて、ご紹介させていただきます。今回のテーマは、「ビーツの葉っぱのお洒落な使い方」。参加してくださいました皆様に心より感謝しております。
Three of the four dishes were quite easy and the beet soup with beet greens needed some time and effort.  In my class, I asked people to join for the simpler parts of the cooking, and it seems that everyone is enjoying the participation. 
This is the first process of the beets soup with beets green.  I taught the recipe to make very tasty soup without using bouillon or chicken stock!
I presented the soup with the nice topping!  Everyone loved the look and the taste!
This turmeric rice has some beets green and stems.
This beets and apple salad was very simple but very tasty!  Rie who is the founder of the NY Shikibukai went out to buy beets after the class and then made the same salad for her family in the evening!  The green on the top is beets green.
このビーツとリンゴのサラダ、とってもシンプルなんですが、とても美味しいのです! 式部会を主宰されている理恵さんはなんと、クラスが終わった後、ビーツを買いにお出かけになり、その日のディナーでご家族につくられたとか!トッピングに使った緑のものは、ビーツの葉っぱです。
I also prepared tandoori chicken and salmon which go well with the ethnic rice. 
As it is good to marinate the meat and salmon for a half day to one day, I prepared them at home the day before.  Many different spices which are good for skin are included here.  This time, there was a person who cannot take dairy foods therefore, I prepared with coconut milk related foods. 
I got the chicken breast from my local green market.  The salmon was Scottish salmon.
We had lots of fun during the lunch time!  I feel blessed with that I met all of them!

After the lunch, I served "Upaya" which is my favorite rooibos tea from T Salon!  Miriam, the owner of the T Salon recommended me this tea because it would help digestion.  This rooibos tea contains organic beetroot so it perfectly met the theme as well!  You could check the details about the tea here

I am very happy to receive positive comments such as "I will make some of these for Thanksgiving!" and "Everything was delicious and I am already preparing tandoori salmon, salad, and soup for tonight!"  I look forward to having another opportunity to introduce my beauty food again soon!

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