Salt + Charcoal Opening Party! ソルト+チャコールのオープニングパーティ!

Hello, everyone!  It has been so cold yesterday and today!  Last night, I went to the Salt + Charcoal Opening Party!  Salt + Charcoal is the newly opened Japanese restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn!  The signature of this restaurant is robatayaki where food is slow-grilled over hot charcoal.  The exterior is very modern and clean!  The neon sign is very visible and that makes easy for us to find the restaurant!
The bar counter looks sophisticated, too!
The beautiful flowers were displayed.  Now, the party's begun!
He is Mr. Jiro Iida, the Executive Chef at Salt + Chacoal!  He is the former executive chef at Abriya Kinnosuke, the very popular robatayaki restaurant near the Grand Central Station.  His smile makes people feel comforted.  Congratulations, jiro san for the opening of Salt + Charcoal!  By the way, we prepared food for the JAPAN x FASHION x NEW YORK HOLIDAY PARTY last year.  You can check the party in my past article
こちらが、ソルト+チャコールの料理長、飯田二郎さんです!以前は、グランドセントラル駅の近くにある大人気の炉端焼きレストラン「炙り屋欽之介」の料理長でした。笑顔がとても癒し系という感じの方です。二郎さん、ソルト+チャコールのオープン、おめでとうございます!実は、昨年のJAPAN x FASHION x NEW YORK HOLIDAY PARTYで料理作り、ご一緒させていただいたのでした。そのパーティの模様は、過去のこちらの記事でご覧いただけます。
The kitchen is covered with glass and customers can see the inside from the seating area.  The yakitori was really good!
There were many raw fish as well.  Salmon which contains astaxanthin , the powerful antioxidant especially made me happy!
This is a salad with quinoa and hijiki.  Quinoa is really good for skin!
This was beautiful presentation!  The sauce which covered the beef was delicious, too!  The other beef dish was quite good but I was too busy to eat therefore forgot to take pictures!
The party was filled with so many people all the time!  All the food was very delicious, and I met many friends.  It was fun! 
The address is 171 Grand Street.  It was about five-minute-walk from the Bedford station.  The website is here.  Please check it out!
住所は171 Grand Streetです。ベッドフォード駅から歩いて5分くらいでした。ウエブサイトはこちらです。是非チェックしてみてくださいね!