Holiday Dinner Party at My Friend's Residence お友達のご自宅でのホリデーディナーパーティ

Yesterday, Kaya who has been my friend for more than 10 years hosted a holiday dinner party at her residence in Manhattan.  Like the last year, Kaya asked me to cook food for the party, and I prepared food with lots of love!  By the way, Kaya has been practicing flower arrangement, and this arrangement in the picture was done by Kaya.  It was beautiful!
The welcome drink was prepared by Kaya.  It was very tasty and looked pretty! 
Everything I made was very well received, but this gratin was particularly popular!  This includes red kuri squash, Kyoto carrots, orange cauliflower, chestnuts, and prosciutto.  I sprinkled chopped parsley on the top.  The squash and carrots are rich in beta-carotene which has strong antioxidant power.  Orange cauliflower contains vitamin A 25 times more than white cauliflower.   Chestnut and cauliflower are good source for vitamin C.
I found Kyoto carrots in the green market in Union Square yesterday.  They smelled very nice!  I got the red kuri squash in the Union Square green market as well, and I bought the orange cauliflower in the local green market.  I bought prosciutto in my favorite Alleva in Little Italy as usual!
京ニンジンは昨日、ユニオンスクエアのグリーンマーケットで見つけました。とってもいいにおいがしていました!栗カボチャもユニオンスクエアで、オレンジのカリフラワーは地元のグリーンマーケットで買いました。生ハムは、いつも 通り、リトルイタリーにあるお気に入りのアレヴァで購入しました!
These are hors d'oeuvres with Belgian Endives with vitamin C-rich beets, Fuji apples, walnuts, and Vitamin E-rich rosemary.  Chestnuts are rich in alpha linolenic acid, omega 3 fatty acid, as well as polyphenol. 
These are bite-size quiches with chia seeds, potato, and grape tomatoes.  Parsley and eggs are included as well.  Chia seeds are rich in Omega 3 fatty acid which has strong antioxidant power.  Egg yolk is rich in iron, vitamin A, and zinc.  Parsley is rich in iron, vitamin C and A, beta carotene, and potassium, and I try to eat parsley for skin as much as I can.
The combination of persimmon, prosciutto, and Japanese turnip is always popular!  Both persimmon and Japanese turnip are rich in vitamin C, and prosciutto contains protein as well as vitamin B6 which is necessary to metabolize protein.
The kale salad had roasted sweet potatoes, pomegranates, avocados, olives, crashed almonds, and goat cheese.  Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin A, and avocado, olive, and almonds are rich in vitamin E.  Pomegranates contain lots of vitamin C as well as polyphenol.  Everything is good for skin, and the salad also looks colorful and pretty!
I also made French style Hayashi rice.  Regarding this French style Hayashi rice, please check my past article!  I started cooking this on Thursday night!  This dish received great complements from everyone as well!  Lots of beef which is rich in zinc, vitamin A-rich carrots, as well as onions are in this!
She is Kaya, who hosted this party!  Thank you, Kaya to give me this great opportunity to introduce my beauty foods in your fabulous holiday party again this year!
Kaya represents some jewelry designers and she is having holiday sales.  Beautiful ladies were eating, chatting, and shopping in this party!  The holiday sales will be on the next weekend again!  The location is Chelsea.  If you are interested in and Facebook user, please check here!

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