French style Hayashi Rice which I learned in Shibuya 渋谷で教わったフレンチ風ハヤシライス

My major in a collage in Tokyo was fashion design and right after my graduation, I joined an apparel company as a designer for women's clothes.  In the late 1980's, I was working in the office on Meiji street in Shibuya.  Behind the office, there was a small French restaurant on the Cat Street called "ima"(living room).  The restaurant was located on the second floor of a small building and it was always crowded at lunch time, because they served good French foods at affordable prices during the lunch time.  It was one of the popular restaurants among people in our office and I went there for lunch with my colleagues once in a while.

I think it was some time in 1987.  It was a very busy day for me and when I finally had a moment for lunch, I went there myself.  It was late for lunch so it was not as crowded as usual.  I sat at the counter because I was alone, and also because I was able to observe what the chef was cooking from the stool.  There was a gas stove near the stool where I sat; the chef then put a big piece of butter in the heated frying pan and started sautéing wheat flour. 
I thought "wow, what is he going to do with such a big piece of butter?", and then asked the chef, "what are you making?"  He said, "I am making French style Hayashi rice."  Hayashi rice is a popular dish in Japan as a Western style food and commonly a dish which contains cooked beef and vegetables with demi-glace sauce and served with rice; though the chef said he did not use demi-glace sauce.  He was sautéing the wheat flour until it developed very dark brown color. 
The chef added the dark brown roux into the sauteed vegetables and meat and then mixed all together well.
He then started stewing that after he added water and many different seasonings as well as herbs. I was carefully watching what he was doing and he kindly gave me the names of all the seasonings and herbs he used.  I later had the French style Hayashi rice in the restaurant and then I tried this at home.  I think I was able to reproduce quite similar taste to this!
I started cooking this yesterday and had this for dinner today, as I think the taste would be better in the next day than the day I cook.  It was so delicious!  I assume that the reason why the chef said "French style" was because he used lots of butter and also it was Hayashi rice made in the French restaurant.  I used many carrots which contained lots of beta carotene and Vitamin A as well as onions, garlic, and ginger.  Beef contains lots of zinc as well as protein.  According to Ms. Asako Miyashita, the Registered Dietitian who works at Nihon Medical Healthcare in New York, Zinc and protein as well as Vitamin C and Vitamin E are very important nutrition in order to maintain healthy hair.  As I am aging, I am concerned about that my hair started losing its volume and shine these days.  I still have the leftover of the Hayashi rice, so I will have this again tomorrow!