Lunch for a Corporate Party 企業パーティ用ランチ

Hello, everyone.  I have been so busy, and I have been unable to update my blog for a while.  It was very hectic especially this week, but everything went well and I feel so relieved!  This week, I got an order for a corporate lunch party at an apparel company in Manhattan.  I prepared six dishes for 25 people!  Here, you see kale salad, pasta salad, and wild rice salad from the front.  The kale salad is the one I prepared for my friend's home party early this month and it was very popular!  The pasta salad includes prosciutto and mozzarella cheese from my favorite Alleva.  The wild salad contains about 10 different ingredients and this has consistent popularity. 
These are apple loaf with goji berry, bite-size quiche with three different green leaf vegetables and tofu, and more pasta salad. 
The bite-size rolled sandwich with smoked salmon and cream cheese is a new addition on my repertoire!  This flat bread contains flax seeds!  Flax seeds are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, and Omega-3 fatty acids are moisturizing dry skin and reducing cellulite according to this article
I was later told that everyone was saying that all foods were healthy and delicious!  Great!  If you are interested in my beauty foods for your private party or event, please consult me at!
後から伺ったところによりますと、皆さん、どれもヘルシーで美味しいとおっしゃってくださったとのことです!良かった!プライベートなパーティやイベントで私の美容食がお役にたてそうでしたら、是非 までご相談くださいね!