YOSHIKOlicious Beauty Cooking Class at Harrison Shikibukai ハリソン式部会でYOSHIKOlicious Beauty Cooking Class

Hello, everyone.  This past Monday, I had my cooking class at Harrison Shikibukai.  Thank you very much to Lumi san who is the founder of Harrison Shikibukai and everyone who attended!
This time, I introduced four types of Japanese cuisine and they were served in dishes created by Ms. Ritsuko Moore who is a ceramic artist.  I had a collaboration with Ritsuko at NY Shikibukai back in June and that was very well received!  This time, Rumi requested me to do the collaboration with Ritsuko, so I thought four Japanese cuisine which would work well with Ritsuko's dishes.  Ritsuko's dishes are available at her website!
This is an appetizer with persimmon.  How to select persimmons would be a little tricky and I explained how and where I purchase persimmons. 
This is "fashionable furofuki daikon."  The colorful vegetables not only add fun colors but also nutrition as well.  I explained how to boil daikon very softly.  My miso sauce was also very well received, too!
Each person assembled the two appetizers respectively to eat in the lunch time.
This is when I was making deep fried shrimp shinjo which uses chopped shrimp mixed with some vegetables and seasonings.  People who saw what I mixed with chopped shrimps said, " There would be no reasons this won't be delicious!"  I used wild shrimps!
People were saying the shrimps had crunchy texture!
This is Japanese style kale salad!  After the class, I received happy comments of "I can eat the kale salad everyday!" and "I made it already on the night, and my family loved it!" 
The table was full!  Rumi and I had the lunch at the counter.

After the lunch, Ritsuko (left) and Yuka who was one of the attendants and a Japanese tea ceremony teacher in Japan prepared matcha tea.  How lucky we were!
Thank you very much, Ritsuko and Yuka for the wonderful tea and sweets!
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