Pear and Cerely Warm Salad for Holiday Party ホリデーパーティーのための洋梨とセロリの温サラダ

Hello, everyone!  Yesterday, I prepared this pear and celery warm salad for my friend's holiday party!  I roasted pear and celery, and then poured blue cheese sauce and pureed persimmon.  The topping is chopped pistachio.  This was the most popular dish among the three dishes with blue cheese sauce which I recently posted in my Instargarm.  This was very well received in this party, too.  People were amazed with the unexpected combination and the good taste!  When I noticed, this amount has gone.  I was glad that I had extra portion for fulfillment!
The hostess of the party was my dear friend, AK who is the singer-songwriter.  I really appreciate it she always gives me an opportunity to introduce my food. 
Except my one dish, AK cooked all the appetizers and main dishes!  These are only part of appetizers!  Aren't they great!?  The Christmas tree is pretty, too!
The dessert were also gorgeous!  Ms. Hideko Colton brought her trifle. This was delicious!
Ms. Keiko Sheldrake brought her cake pops and mini cupcakes!  I had a cake pop and it was pretty and delicious as usual!
It was so much fun party and thank you very much again, AK san!  I hope you can take some rest today.
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