Octopus Rice タコご飯

Hello, everyone!  Yesterday, I made octopus rice for dinner, and that was quite delicious!  I used liquid I got when I boiled octopus for cooking this rise.  I added soy sauce and sake as well as generous amount of chopped ginger, and I placed shiso leaves for topping after the rice is cooked. 
I bought two whole octopuses the other day, and for this octopus rice, I used the head and the parts near the head which I didn't use.  I bought the octopuses in Sea Breeze Fish Market on 9th Avenue.  I think the price per pound was a good deal.  However, they don't cut off the head and I needed to purchase the entire octopuses.  In Whole Foods Market, we can ask them to sell just one leg or cut off the head.  When I need few legs, it might be better to buy in Whole Foods Market, but I am glad that I was able to utilize the leftover of the octopuses in delicious way!

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集英社のOur Ageで5月から、私の美容食を紹介する連載「NY発!美しくなるトリプル美食」が始まりました!月1回更新の予定です。是非ご覧ください!

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