Fried Rice with Natto and Japanese Turnip Greens かぶの葉入り納豆チャーハン

Hello, everyone!  It has been extremely hot yesterday and today.  We tend to have cold foods in this weather, but if we keep on eating cold foods, that would not be good for our health.  Yesterday, I made fried rice with natto and Japanese turnip greens for lunch.  I divided the Japanese turnip greens into stems and leaves and chopped them respectively.  I then sauteed the chopped stems first.  Then I added rice and kept on sauteing them.  I added natto and kept on sauteing, and then added salt, black pepper, and soy sauce.  Finally, I added chopped leaves and mixed them briefly.  In this case, the green color of the leaves remains clean and the fried rice with natto looks good.  This is simple, easy, nutritious, and delicious!

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集英社のOur Ageで5月から、私の美容食を紹介する連載「NY発!美しくなるトリプル美食」が始まりました!月1回更新の予定です。是非ご覧ください!

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