Avocado Pizza アボカドピザ

The other day, in my blog, I introduced the avocado toast at Café Gitane in Nolita.  Ms. Ayaka Nishi, a young jewelry designer in NY saw the post, and commented in my Facebook that she wished she could eat an avocado pizza.  Today, it was relatively cool day, so I decided to try an avocado pizza.  I could have bought ready-to-bake pizza dough but I prepared flat breads and used them for pizzas.  I like to put rosemary into the dough.  I like the uneven shape because they look organic and cute. 

So, this is the avocado pizza I made tonight.  Ayaka's image seemed to be that mixture of mashed avocado and cheese were put on the pizza dough and then baked, and I did so but it did not look like a pizza to me.  Therefore, I mixed cheese with mashed avocado and then put more cheese onto the avocado mix.  It was pretty good!  The avocado toast at the Café Gitane had more lemon taste so I may put more lemon for this next time. 
I made another version.  I put shrimps, tomatoes, and broccolis on the mashed avocado.  This was good, too!  Many different versions can be possible!

I graduated from FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) in New York and also I have been a head of FIT JSAA (FIT Japanese Students and Alumni Association) which is a networking group of Japanese graduates in NY and Japanese students.  Ayaka also graduated from FIT and we met with each other though FIT JSAA.  Ayaka is very creative jewelry designer and her website is  Please check it out!
私はニューヨークのFIT (ファッション工科大学) を卒業していて、NYにいる日本人卒業生と日本人在校生のネットワーキングのグループであるFIT JSAA ( 日本FIT会NY支部)のまとめ役をしています。彩加さんもFIT の卒業生で、FIT JSAAを通じて知り合いました。彩加さんはとってもクリエイティブなジュエリーデザイナーで、彼女のウエブサイトはになります。よろしければ、ご覧くださいね!