Baby Corns & Manila Clams Cooked with Tomatoes ヤングコーンとアサリのトマト煮

Yesterday, in the local green market, I found baby corns.  It was $2.00 for five baby corns and when I noticed them, they were the last five, so I immediately grabbed them!  lol   I see baby corns only for a short period of time in summer.  It's nice to have seasonal foods!
昨日、地元のグリーンマーケットでヤングコーンを売っているのを見つけました。5本で2ドルで、私が気付いたとき、最後の5本だったので、これは買わなきゃ!と咄嗟につかんでいました!笑 ヤングコーンは夏の間のほんの短い期間しか見かけないのですよね。その季節の旬の食べ物っていいですよね!
In the early afternoon, I went to Daido, a Japanese grocery store, and bought some Manila clams (or asari in Japanese).  This kind of clam is not available in fish vendors in the local green market.  It is smaller than regular clams and it contains especially lots of Vitamin B12 and iron. 
For today's lunch, I cooked the baby corns and Manila clams with tomatoes and garlic.  I put the chopped parsley leaves at the end, and I think this turned to be colorful and cheerful.  The baby corns contain potassium which is known to be helpful for detox as well as for relieving stress.  The Vitamin B12 contained in the Manila clams is also known to be good for mental health.  When I think about beauty food, I think reducing stress and keeping mental balance would be important elements, too.  The baby corns which absorbed the juice from the Manila clams, were tender and also crunchy and this dish was very delicious!  Now, I hope I can sleep well tonight!