Beet Pasta ビーツのパスタ

It was a quite busy day today.  My day was started with waking up before 7:00 a.m. to make a reservation for a restaurant in NY for September 6th!  lol  According to my friend, M, who will dine out with me on the day, we needed to make a reservation for the restaurant at 7:00 a.m. 30 days in advance.  I have not been to this restaurant but it must be a very trendy restaurant.  Besides that, it will be the Friday night during the New York Fashion Week, therefore, we need to act quickly!  The reservation?  Yes, it's done!  I look forward to eating there already.
今日は結構忙しい1日でした~。私の1日は、ニューヨークのとあるレストランに9月6日の予約を入れるために朝7時前に起きることからスタート!笑 その日、一緒に外食することになっている友人のMによると、そのレストランの予約をとるには、30日前の朝7時に予約しないといけない、ということだったのです。私はこのレストラン、行ったことないんですが、さぞかしトレンディなレストランなのでしょう。それに、ニューヨークファッションウイークの最中の金曜日の夜なので、早く動かないとね!予約?はい、バッチリ取れました!今から楽しみ~。

And then, I wrote and sent four articles to a fashion newspaper I have been writing for.  I had a phone interview as well and also had to go to a local library to return a book to avoid penalty. 

Yet, I prepared decent dinner!  I made beautiful beet pasta!  I put tomato, red onion, and garlic as well but it is mainly made of roasted beets.
When I ate it, I put chopped walnuts on the top.  It was very delicious!  Even my teenage son who normally does not like beets said he liked this and he ate this all. 
The main dish was chicken breast with mushroom cream sauce.  This has been one of the popular dishes in my family.  I think it was a balanced good combination, as many ingredients in both dishes had beauty benefits.