Chicken Liver チキンレバー

I know, I know, some people don't like to eat liver, or even hate to see it.  However, liver is one of the foods which have great beauty benefits!  According to the nutrition charts I used for reference, chicken liver is listed as the top source of Vitamin A, and the second highest in iron after the pork liver.  Both iron and Vitamin A are necessary to produce collagen.  I am not familiar with handling pork liver, so I don't cook it myself.  The livers I cook are only chicken and monk fish.  I can cook good taste chicken liver foods but in terms of making photogenic foods with chicken liver, it has been challenging to me.  The other day, I cooked chicken liver with onions, eggplants, garlics and tomatoes and then added cheese on the top and then put it in a oven.  After that, I sprinkled chopped parsley on the top.  It was good and I think this was relatively photogenic as a chicken liver food.
In the beginning of June, I prepared this and posted in my Facebook and it was quite popular.  The yellow flowers on the top were kale flowers which I got from the local green market at that time.  The chicken liver was sandwiched between the slices of tomatoes and cucumbers. 
This is spaghetti with chicken liver paste.  I put black olives when I prepared chicken liver paste.  This may not be as photogenic as the other dishes, but my 15-year-old son who normally did not accept chicken liver said this was delicious, therefore, let me introduce this.  By the way, I did not tell him that this was made of chicken liver before he had it!  lol