Chickpea Balls with Olives オリーブ入りひよこ豆の団子

Today, I used the final leftover of boiled chickpeas to make balls.  But this is little different from typical falafel balls.  I wanted to be able to eat this alone, not with any sauce.  And then I thought about mixing chopped olives.  I also put chopped onions and parsley stems.  Parsley is iron-rich and Vitamin-C rich as well as carotene-rich vegetable, so I don't want to waste them and this was a great way to use the stems. 
I also added a egg, bread crumbs, salt and pepper, and then made balls and pan-fried until the exterior got nice golden brown.  And these are the finished balls!  I was right to put olives in the balls and these were so good without any sauce!  Olives are Vitamin-E rich food which would be very good for skin, therefore, this balls should have lots of beauty benefits!!

By the way, of course, if you have parsley leaves, you could chop the leaves and put them in the balls as well.  But I used the parsley leaves for chickpea soup last night and saved stems only for today!  I put curry powder in this soup as well and it was very delicious!