Chickpea Curry Rice ひよこ豆のカレーライス

Today, I made chickpea curry rice for dinner!  I also put eggplants which contain polyphenol, beta -carotene rich spinach, and tomatoes which contain lycopene that could lighten skin as well as onions and garlics and many different kinds of spices!  As cumin seeds and coriander seeds are included, it is spicy but not too hot; it is actually mild.  I prepared turmeric rice with cardamom!  This looks colorful and pretty, doesn't it?  And it was yummy!  I cannot wait to eat the leftover tomorrow!
I deep-fried eggplants first.  I think chickpeas and eggplants are a good match.
The hummus I made on Sunday morning was gone by yesterday's lunch time!  Therefore, I made hummus again today.  This time, I bought tahini because I was curious about it.
The inside is like this.  It is certainly white sesame paste!  I want to try this for Japanese food as well.
This time, I put little more olive oil, salt, and parsley, and omitted garlic. 
With one and a half cup of chickpeas, this much hummus can be made.  And I still have chickpeas for a salad and a soup!  lol  I will dine out tomorrow, so I will think about how I would use the leftover of chickpeas on Thursday!
カップ1杯半のひよこ豆で、この量のフムスができます。そしてまだ、あとサラダとスープができるようなひよこ豆が残っているという!笑 明日は外食なので、残りのひよこ豆をどう使うかは木曜日に考えてみま~す!