Cilantro シラントロ(香菜)

Do you like cilantro, also known as coriander?  I understand that some people do not like the unique smell and the taste but I love it!  It has many benefits including helping digestion and also contains good amounts of Vitamin C, but also did you know that it helps in combatting hair loss?  I did not know that until yesterday!  According to this article, we can make hair rinse with coriander and also it would be good for dry skin, too!  As I age, I am concerned about that my hair is getting thinner. (sigh)  Therefore, I bought a bunch of cilantro leaves in the local green market this morning.
This vendor was selling fresh coriander seeds on branches like these.  Very unusual!
For today's dinner, I used the cilantro in Thai style coconut milk soup as well as in salad.  When I was doing a cooking class about 10 years ago, I developed this recipe of Thai style coconut milk soup and I think this soup is pretty good!  Typically, I would put shrimps and chickens as well as bamboo shoots, but today, I mainly used zinc-rich clams and mussels which I also got in the green market this morning.  I first steam the clams and mussels with white wine to open the shells; the mussels are opened first, so as soon as the shells are popped-open, I quickly take them out otherwise they will get hard.
I put cilantro in the pot at the end and then served like this.  I also put carrots, mushrooms as well as ginger, garlic, scallions, and lemon juice; all are healthy and it was pretty yummy!
And this is today's salad.  By adding finely chopped cilantro, a simple salad turns to have somehow ethnic taste.  When I use cilantro for a salad, I like to use corns and tomatoes, and today, I used kale and cucumber as well.

Now, I am thinking to make coriander hair rinse....

I here introduce few more links about coriander's benefits which I found as useful references.