Curry Powder カレー粉

Do you like curry?  I love all kinds of curry including Japanese style, Indian style, and Thai style!  I also love to use curry powder for many different dishes.  Curry powder includes many different spices such as turmeric, coriander, cumin, red pepper, black pepper, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, nutmeg, and these spices could help digestion and detox and also would warm up our body.  Therefore, we can expect beauty benefits by adding curry powder!  That's so easy!

This is the curry powder I have been using for many years.  I buy this in Japanese grocery stores in New York City.  According to the S&B's website, the founder developed the first curry powder in Japan in 1923!  To me, this is nostalgic taste and also this taste does not bore me. 
When I grilled a salmon the other day, I mixed flour and curry powder and then coated the salmon with the mix.  It was good!
When I cooked chicken drum sticks with garlics, onions, tomatoes, as well as lots of herbs, I also put curry powder.  I think the combination of curry powder and tomatoes is a good match!  When I make a tomato based soup, I sometimes put curry powder in it as well.
In this red potato salad, I used a mixture of curry and mayonnaise.  Red potato salads which are normally available in delis in New York did not look delicious to me, I then thought about a good way to eat red potatoes and I created this original recipe about 13 years ago.  Since then, this salad has been always very popular!