Hot Open Sandwich ホットオープンサンドイッチ

I still had some flat breads from yesterday, so this morning, I roasted beets and red onions and, I then put them on a flat bread and kale leaves and also put chopped tomatoes on the top and grilled it.  I roasted the beets with the skin and all the vegetables were from green markets.  I used good amount of olive oil, so when I opened my toaster oven, I was amazed with the rich aroma of the olive oil from this dish and it was so delicious!  I would call this dish a hot open sandwich! 
This is very simple dish, therefore, the quality of the vegetables is the key!  The red onions were sold in the green market like this.  Both the red onions and beets were pretty sweet!

I like flat bread because it is so versatile!  We can eat them as a bread, and also we can arrange them in many different ways.  We can also change the shapes as we wish.  I usually put rosemary in the dough but I think other herbs such as sage can be used as well.  After I prepare additional flat breads, all I have to do is putting some things on it and put it in an oven or toaster oven.  It is so easy and looks nice!