Matcha & Yogurt 抹茶とヨーグルト

The other day, when I had some leftover of matcha jelly, I put that together with plain yogurt and sauce which I made with strawberry and tomato in a glass.  When the different textures of the jelly and the yogurt are combined in my mouth, it was quite amazing! 
Yet, I always don't have a time to prepare jelly.  Then, I got an idea!  It is just sprinkling matcha on fruit yogurt!  This might be the easiest and the most effective way to take beta-carotene which has strong antioxidant benefit, as matcha especially contains beta-carotene!  Also, I found that it looks pretty when I also sprinkle kinako which is roasted soybean flour.  I think the color contrast is very nice!

This is with the same sauce, kiwi, and honey as well.
Here, I put peach and honey as well.