Matcha 抹茶

Matcha, the fine powder green tea is traditionally used for Japanese tea ceremony.  It is known to be beta carotene-rich and beta carotenes have powerful antioxidants.  Matcha is often used for sweets such as matcha ice cream and matcha cheese cake.  I was wondering if I could use matcha in non-sweet dishes as well, and I first prepared matcha gelée and then put it together with vegetables such as tomatoes and eggplants.  Vegetables are marinated with tosazu which is bonito-flavored rice vinegar dressing and I think it was a good match with matcha gelée.
抹茶は伝統的に日本のティーセレモニーで使われる、細かいパウダー状の緑茶ですね。ベータカロチンが豊富なことで知られ、ベータカロチンは強い抗酸化作用があります。抹茶は抹茶アイスクリームや抹茶チーズケーキなど甘いお菓子に使われることも多いですが、抹茶を甘くないお料理にも使えないかしらと思い、まずは 抹茶のジュレをつくって、トマトやナスなどの野菜とあわせてみました。野菜は土佐酢にちょっと漬けておいたもので、抹茶のジュレとも合っていたと思います。

I here used avocado as well.  With avocado and matcha, antioxidants power should get doubled!

I bought the matcha in Harney & Sons in SoHo.  My friend, Mr. Atsushi Semimoto strongly recommended me to buy matcha here because of its high quality.
抹茶はソーホーにあるHarney & Sons で買いました。お友達の蝉本睦さんが、抹茶の品質がとっても高いからと強く勧めてくださったからです。
It is pretty spacious store and there is a café in the back of the store.
I bought this one, and when I opened the package, I was so impressed with the amazing aroma!!!
According to Mr. Semimoto, the founder and the president of Focus America Corporation ( which has been an agent for Japanese companies to sell their products in the U.S.A., most of Japanese teas carried in this store are imported from Shohokuen which was found in Kyoto in 1645!  They have a history of 368 years!  Wow!  I let you know the website, for your reference.