Multi-Grain Rice with Black Soybeans 黒豆入り雑穀ご飯

I used to eat black soybeans only on New Year's Day.  In Japan, we traditionally eat cooked black soybeans with sugar and soy sauce to celebrate New Year.  But since I learned about the beauty benefits of black soybeans, I have been trying to eat black soybeans all year around.  Anthocyanins contained in black soybeans are known to be powerful antioxidants and also they are known to improve collagen.

One of my favorite ways to eat the black soybeans is multi-grain rice with black beans, and I made that for dinner today.
I used this black soybeans which I bought in a Japanese grocery store in New York.
I roasted the black soybeans in the frying pan until the majority of skins got broken, and then mixed them with the multi-grain rice.
When it was done, it looked like this!  It was very delicious!  This is really my favorite!
I also prepared rolled egg with carrots, spinach, and hijiki(sea weed) and chicken cutlets for dinner.  I usually prepare plain rolled egg with egg and seasonings only, but as the Fashion Week is approaching, I try to include lots of nourishment into minimum number of dishes.  I always mix white sesame and parmesan cheese with bread crumbs when I prepare chicken cutlets.  I have been doing that for many years.

There are many other benefits we can get from black soybeans.  I here put the link I checked for reference.