Mushuroom & Potato Soup マッシュルームとポテトのスープ

The New York Fashion Week is approaching!  As I am writing many business articles about fashion and retail, I am busy all year around, but New York Fashion Week is indeed one of the busiest times of the year to me.  As I am getting busier, one-dish meal which I can prepare quickly and eat quickly and also produces a long-lasting feeling of satiety, would be convenient to me.

So, I prepared mushroom and potato soup for lunch today.  I put garlic and onion as well. 
I put some Havarti cheese at the end.  I use this cheese for quiche and risotto as well; It is very mild cheese.  I like to put cheese in mushroom soups.  I don't remember the name of the café, but there is a self-service café just north of the Franklyn street station in Manhattan and the soups there are quite good.  One day, when I had a mushroom soup there, I found melted cheese in the soup and it was very delicious.  Since then, I have been using cheese in my mushroom soups.
With cheese and potato as well as milk, this soup got thick and I was able to feel full for a while.  Mushrooms contain Vitamin B2 which would be helpful to speed up metabolism of fats, and Vitamin C contained in potatoes is known to be relatively retained even when the potatoes are cooked. 

Of, now I remember that I had only smoothie this morning!  I prepared the smoothie with kale, cucumber, pineapple, and banana.  With a banana, it got thick and produced a long-lasting feeling of satiety.