Myoga & Corn Silk's Tempura 茗荷とヤングコーンのひげの天麩羅

Myoga, translated as Japanese ginger in English, may not be widely known other than among Japanese people.  It is a popular summer vegetable in Japan for the distinctive aroma and little bitter but refreshing taste.  In New York, as long as I know, we can purchase myoga only in Japanese grocery stores.  On Saturday, I had an opportunity to go to a Japanese grocery store and bought some myogas.  Myoga is known to improve blood circulation, therefore I hope this could be helpful to lighten my skin tone! 
As myoga is little expensive in New York, I took into consideration about how to cook this, and I decided to use some of them for tempura.  I also prepared sweet potato tempura which has been always popular in my home, but I also prepared another tempura with corn silk from baby corns.  I have not eaten corn silk from regular corns, but the corn silk from baby corns is so soft and according to this site,, "It is true that corn silk can be widely used for the detoxification of the body."
So these are the myoga tempura (lower right) and corn silk tempura!  Both of them were pretty delicious!  It was my first time to eat corn silk, and from now on, when I buy baby corns, I will always eat the corn silk as well!