Soupy Rice with Seafood and Tomatoes シーフードとトマトのスープご飯

I bought clams, mussels, squids, and tomatoes in the local green market this morning, and made soupy rice with seafood and tomatoes for dinner!  This is very quick and easy and it looks great and the taste was wonderful! 
There are only two things we have to be careful about; the first one is not to cook the shellfish and squid too long and the second is to make sure that the rice becomes soft enough to eat!  Also, it would be good to reduce the amount of salt than usual, as the juice from the shellfish is salty.  What I love about this food is that, as long as the rice becomes soft, I do not have to wait until the liquid is absorbed unlike the paella and risotto, and also the color of the rice is pretty without using saffron.  Beauty benefits can be surely expected as zinc-rich shellfish, protein-rich squid, and tomatoes whose lycopene is four times more bioavailable in cooked tomatoes than in fresh tomatoes are included. 
I believe it would be good to put lemon juice when we eat this.  I was going to do so but then I forgot about it!  Because this was so delicious, I concentrated on eating this and when I finished eating, I realized that I did not add lemon juice!  Too bad!!