Tomato Soup トマトスープ

It is a very nice day today, but it was rainy almost all day long yesterday.  When I was walking in midtown yesterday, I happened to find a green market and these tomatoes looked very delicious and they were reasonably priced! 
And this was the scenery when I turned around.  Yes, there was a green market in the Rockefeller Center! 

The leaf vegetables were very fresh and inexpensive, but I had few more appointments for my work after this, so I only bought some tomatoes.
When I came home last night, it was after 8:30 and I hadn't had a dinner yet.  It was too late for me to eat regular dinner and I wanted to use the tomatoes from the Rockefeller Center green market.  So I prepared tomato soup.  It was little chilly yesterday and I thought soup would be better than salad to warm me up.  In addition to that, with heated tomatoes, we can effectively get lycopene which lightens skin.

In addition to the tomatoes, the onions, potatoes and corns were from my local green market and I put several different kinds of herbs and curry power as well.  I spent only 30 minutes to make this soup but it was so delicious!

This morning, I added heavy cream into the leftover soup.  When we add heavy cream after we put the soup in the dish, it looked interesting.

Of course, the taste was as good when I added the heavy cream into the
soup and heated together!