Apple Loaf with Goji Berries and Hemp Seeds クコの実とヘンプシード入りアップルローフ

Apples are in season, too!  I had made an apple loaf with raisins and walnuts before and it was delicious.   According to this article,, raisins have many health benefits and one of them is that raisins could prevent hair loss and greying of hair!  So that recipe might have been good enough to obtain beauty benefits, but this time, I added goji berries which are a rich source of antioxidants and hemp seeds which are rich in protein as well as omega 3 essential fatty acids to the apple loaf to increase the power of beauty benefits!
When I went to the local green market last Saturday, I asked the vendor about apples for baking and she suggested me to mix Cortland apple and Shizuka apple and I took her recommendation.

I first cooked apples.
When it was done, it looked like this!  It was delicious! I cut the walnuts with hands instead of using food processor, therefore I was able to enjoy the crunchy texture of the walnuts!
I will write more about hemp seeds and the store I bought it tomorrow.  Meanwhile, you could check this site, for your reference about hemp seeds.


Persimmon 柿

Persimmons are in season!  Generally speaking, fruits are known to be rich in Vitamin C, but persimmons are particularly rich in Vitamin C!  Therefore, I would like to have persimmons as much as I can while they are in season.  For today's dinner, I grilled a wild salmon I bought yesterday and put fruity sauce made of persimmon, red bell pepper, and kiwi, and it was very delicious!  Red bell pepper and kiwi are also particularly rich in Vitamin C as well.  When I grilled the salmon, I used a little bit of balsamic vinegar.
Yesterday, I put persimmon in kale and quinoa salad.  This salad also includes kiwi, tomato, goat cheese as well as walnut.
Back in January, I made this as an appetizer and posted in my Facebook and it was quite popular.  I here used kiwi, cream cheese as well as pistachio.



Quinoa Salad キヌアのサラダ

When I want to cut carbohydrates yet I would get hungry if I have only salad, I usually add quinoa in salad.  I usually cook 1 cup of quinoa and store it in refrigerator.  That would last for a while and it has been very convenient.  Quinoa is known to be rich in protein, calcium, iron as well as fiber and low in fat, so I have been trying to have this often.  Because I can make many different kinds of salad with quinoa, I don't get tired with quinoa salad.  This is the salad I made two days ago.  I put roasted beets as well as tomato and avocado.  I usually put chopped walnuts or sliced almonds on the top. 
This is the quinoa salad I made last week and it included kale, chickpea, and grape in addition to tomato and avocado.
When I want to make a colorful salad, I put yellow bell pepper.  Yellow bell pepper contains more Vitamin C than green bell pepper.  I also use red bell pepper too, as red bell pepper contains more Vitamin C than yellow bell pepper. 

In the past winter, I put roasted Brussels sprouts and grape tomatoes, and this was so delicious, too!  I cannot wait that Brussels sprouts are coming in to season!

I here introduce the links about quinoa's nutrition I referred.


Yoshiko Style Udon with Beauty Benefits Yoshiko式美容食うどん

I was out all day for work and came back home little before 7:00 p.m.  I did not have much time for cooking, so I decided to prepare udon noodle as it was quick and easy.  Yet, I wanted to put some kinds of beauty benefits on the udon.  I put tomato, avocado, and steamed chicken breast on the top of the udon in the bowl and then put soup which I mixed soy-sauce-based pre-made noodle soup and milk.  I then sprinkled white sesame on the top.  This was better than I expected and was very popular to my family!  I think I should have added chili oil in the soup as well, but it was pretty yummy!  Now, I have to go back to work!


Green Vegetable Quiche 緑の野菜のキッシュ

Today, I had some leftover spinach and kale.  I also had broccoli rabe and parsley.  So, I used the four different green leafy vegetables to make a quiche.  I also used tofu, milk, heavy cream as well as white miso so that it would have rich taste without using bacon or anchovy.  I placed cheese on the top at the end of the preparation.  It had a very nice green color and it was delicious!  By the way, this was a crustless quiche. 
I chopped fresh green leafy vegetables by using food processor.
I bought broccoli rabe in the local green market yesterday.  It was $3.00 per a bunch.  According to this article, the benefits from broccoli rabe include "slows aging"!  Wow!  I need that!  The article also states, "Broccoli Rabe is one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet."  I should try to eat this vegetable more than before!


Beat Hummus ビーツのフムス

I made beat hummus!  I had introduced beauty benefits we could expect from hummus before;  By mixing beats, I believe that we could expect even more beauty benefits from hummus!  Also, it looks pretty!
It is also fun to place pink hummus and regular hummus together.
I also prepare canapé with this beat hummus.  I placed chopped broccoli rabe and goat cheese on the top for one version and placed chopped black olives and parsley for the other.
I bought the broccoli rabe in the local green market this morning.  The flower vendor carried lots of mums and I felt autumn has definitely arrived.


Yoshiko Style Falafel with Olives オリーブ入りYoshikoスタイルファラフェル

I introduced chickpea balls with olives in the past article;  Then I realized that I was not supposed to cook chickpeas when I make falafel, so today, I soaked the chickpeas in water for 9 hours and then put them in food processor. After that, I did same as before and then deep fried the balls.  I think this was easier than the previous version and if I make a lot of these, I could freeze them and also this would be good as a finger food for a party!

I put chopped black olives so that it would be good to eat without any sauce, but in this case, I put only black pepper and I don't put salt, otherwise it would be too salty.  I use this pepper mill when I use peppers.   I bought this in Paris about 30 years ago when I was working as a designer in an apparel company in Tokyo and was sent to Paris for a business trip.  This is my favorite pepper mill and I hope I will be able to continue using this!


One Bite Size Rice Ball with Pumpkin カボチャ入り一口サイズおにぎり

This is not a traditional rice ball called onigiri in Japan, but I made this because I thought this would look cute and has lots of beauty benefits.  I cooked brown rice and then made one bite size balls, and then I pushed a piece of steamed pumpkin into the each rice ball.  Then I put miso paste and placed a goji berry on the top, and grilled them in toaster oven.  It was so delicious!  I think the miso and brown rice and pumpkin made very nice combination!  For the miso paste, I used "haccho miso" which I introduced in my past article  I also added peanut butter in this miso paste.  According to this article,, goji berries are filled with powerful antioxidants and contain lots of vitamin A.  I think the goji berry added fun color as well!  The leftover of these are wrapped with aluminum foil and stored in refrigerator.  Tomorrow morning, I will heat up and eat them!  It was so good and I can't wait to eat this again!


Pumpkin, Chicken, Broccoli with Cream Sauce カボチャとチキンとブロッコリーのクリーム煮

The New York Fashion Week is finally over!  This season, I went to 62 shows and presentations as well as some other coverage.  I am still very exhausted, but I went to the local green market this morning!  It was 52 degree F this morning!  It was so cold!  Therefore, when I saw watermelons and pumpkins, I did not feel like I wanted watermelons and I bought a pumpkin which was labeled as Black Forest Squash. 
Pumpkins have lots of beauty benefits.  Pumpkins are rich in beta-carotene; in another word, they are rich in antioxidants.  They also contain lots of Vitamin E as well, therefore, we can expect powerful antioxidant effect from pumpkins!  As I am still very tired, I prepared one dish which would be good enough for me to feel full.  I cooked pumpkins with protein-rich chicken breast, Vitamin-C rich broccoli in cream sauce and then put chopped almonds on the top.  Almonds are rich in Vitamin-E as well.  During the Fashion Week, I slept only for four hours or so each night so my skin looks very tired.  I hope this dish would be helpful for my skin to recover!


Physical Graffitea フィジカルグラフィティー

Today, I have been out since 7:20 a.m. and then late afternoon, I stopped by Physical Graffitea in East Village to buy "Beauty Skin Tonic."  Regarding the "Beauty Skin Tonic", please check my past post "Rosehip & Hibiscus Tea" from July 10th, 2013.  I slept only for four and a half hours last night and it will be getting much busier starting tomorrow due to the New York Fashion Week.  During the Fashion Week, I will often have difficulty to find a time for decent meals and the irregular hours will continue for little over a week.  I won't have time for cooking so at least I want to take beauty benefits from some drinks!  The Beauty Skin Tonic from Physical Graffitea provides encouraging support in this environment and it is the Fashion Week fortifier to me. 
今日は朝7時20分から外出していまして、夕方、イーストビレッジのフィジカルグラフィティーに「ビューティスキントニック」を買いに立ち寄りました。「ビューティスキントニック」については、7月10日に掲載した「ローズヒップとハイビスカスのお茶」をご覧ください。すでに昨晩は4時間半しか寝ていないのですが、明日以降NYファッションウイークでますます忙しくなります。まともな食事をできる時間もあまりなく、不規則な生活が1週間以上続きます。料理する時間もないので、せめてドリンクで美肌にいい要素を取り入れないと!フィジカルグラフィティーのビューティスキントニック は、私にとってそんなときに心強いファッションウイーク強化剤なのです。

This is the entrance of the Physical Graffitea.
The inside looks like this.
There is a lovely seating area like this.
The store always serves some iced teas.  I had some tropical mango tea and it was good!
She is Ms. Ilana Malka, the owner of the Physical Graffitea.
My favorite Beauty Skin Tonic is a tea which Ilana blends elderberries, rosehips, hibiscus, schisandra berries, rose buds and petals.  This is one of the most popular teas in the store, but according to Ilana, the best seller is Sweet Oblivion which could work for insomnia.  I guess there are many people who have a sleeping problem besides me.  "You can have a good dream, too," said Ilana.  I will come back to buy the tea after the Fashion Week is over.  Because I have to work at midnight now, it would be dangerous to drink the tea now!  lol  The website of Physical Graffitea is
私のお気に入りのビューティースキントニックは、イラーナさんがエルダーベリー、ローズヒップ、ハイビスカス、シサンドラベリー、バラのつぼみや花びらをブレンドしたお茶です。お店で人気のお茶の1つですが、イラーナさんによると、一番人気があるのはスイート・オブリヴィオンという不眠症にきくお茶だそうです。私に限らず、やっぱり不眠症の人、多いんですね。「いい夢も見れるのよ」とイラーナさん。ファッションウイークが終わったら、買いに来よう。今は夜中でも仕事しなきゃいけないから、今飲むのはキケン!笑 フィジカルグラフィティーのウエブサイトはこちらです。

From tomorrow, I will not be able to update this blog until the NY Fashion Week is over.  I will try to tweet when I have time.  If you use Twitter, please follow me at Yoshiko Sugimoto @YJ1210!
明日からは、NYファッションウイークが終わるまでブログの更新はできません。時間があれば、ツイートするようにしますので、ツイッターをお使いの方は、Yoshiko Sugimoto @YJ1210をフォローしていただけましたら幸いです!


Caponata カポナータ

I cook caponata at least once every summer when eggplants are in season.  Caponata is a Sicilian dish which contains deep-fried eggplants and olives cooked with wine vinegar in a sweet and sour sauce.  With eggplants which contain polyphenols, lycopene-rich tomatoes, as well as olives which are rich in Vitamin E, powerful antioxidant function can be expected.  I put good amount of onions and rosemary as well.

When it was done, it looked like this. 
We can eat this while it is hot, but I usually store this in the refrigerator and eat it in the next day.  I cooked this last night and had some while ago.  It was so delicious and I want a glass of wine!  This would last for few days so I wish I made this much more.
Today is Labor Day and I hope everyone is having a good time.  I am going to prepare barbecue as well, though my family would eat simple hamburgers and hot dogs only.  When I want to eat vegetable, I may take this out from the refrigerator and eat it again.


Tofu, Avocado, and Anchovy Quiche 豆腐とアボカドとアンチョビのキッシュ

I have been trying to establish a great recipe of quiche with tofu and avocado.  Tofu is rich in isoflavones and avocado is rich in Vitamin E, so this sounds very good for beauty, doesn't it?  I mixed broccoli one day, and I mixed tomato on the other day, but I was not satisfied with the results in terms of the look and the taste.  Today, I mainly used tofu and avocado besides cheese, milk, and a egg, and then I put some anchovy fillets on the top.  This was a great success!  I ate more than a half at once, but this was a crustless quiche, so I guess it was ok for me to eat this more than usual. 

Anchovies are known to contain omega-3 fatty acid, so we can expect beauty benefits from anchovies.  I think anchovies added a pleasant punchy taste in this quiche and I loved it!  But I understand that some people won't like anchovies, so I will keep on testing another way of making a quiche with tofu and avocado.