Sweet Potato スイートポテト

A sweet potato is another typical fall vegetable and I see them a lot in green markets now.  Sweet potatoes are rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin A is known to be essential for healthy skin and eyes. 
The other day, I roasted sweet potatoes and then marinated them with balsamic vinegar, and mixed them into a kale salad.  I also added avocados, grape tomatoes, green apples, walnuts, and goat cheese.  To me, goat cheese is essential in order to make the taste of this kale salad great!  I had this for breakfast and I became full without breads or any other food!  It was so delicious!
I also made a sweet potato soup.  I put onion, celery, ginger, and apple as well.  This was pretty good, too!


Prosciutto 生ハム

Last week, I prepared finger foods with prosciutto and persimmon for an event ( please refer to ) and it was very well received!  I added a piece of grape tomato for the event, but mozzarella cheese works well for this, too!
先週、あるイベント( をご参照ください)で、生ハムと柿を使ったフィンガーフードをご用意させていただきましたが、とっても好評でした!イベントではグレープトマトを加えましたが、モッツレラチーズでもおいしいですよ!
I love prosciutto!  Although I try not to eat prosciutto too much because it is high in salt, prosciutto is rich in protein and can be used with various fruits and vegetables.  In addition to persimmon, it goes well with kabu or Japanese white turnip as well.  For example, this could be one of the ways I like them together; olive oil and black pepper are used here. 
Of course, the combination of persimmon, kabu, and prosciutto is another great way to eat them as well!



Swordfish カジキ

I buy swordfish only once in a while but I love the taste!  Swordfish is rich in protein as well as potassium and Vitamin D.  According to this article,, swordfish contains essential amino acids and omega-3 fatty acids which are known to be good for skin.  (Please note that swordfish is usually recommended for pregnant women to avoid eating.)   I bought a piece of swordfish in the local green market yesterday and sautéed for dinner tonight.  The chopped tomato, yellow bell pepper and parsley placed on the fish were also those I bought in the green market and they were really fresh.  Isn't the color combination nice?  Chopped basil were added and the taste was so good, too!!


My Lecture and Finger Foods for FIT JSAA 日本FIT会NY支部での講演とフィンガーフード

I am an alumni from FIT, Fashion Institute of Technology in NY.  FIT JSAA ( FIT Japanese Students and Alumni Association) is a networking group of Japanese graduates in NY and current students at FIT and I have served as a head of the FIT JSAA.  We have been organizing small scale of lecture and networking parties few times a year and this time, we received a request for a lecture by me and we held that in the evening on the 22nd.  The location was a meeting room in Zero Halliburton's New York Flagship store thanks to Mr. Osaki, the President of Zero Halliburton.  The store is located at 300 Madison Avenue.  The information about Zero Halliburton can be found at

I prepared some finger foods for the networking party. 
This is a piece of persimmon wrapped with prosciutto and attached with a grape tomato with a toothpick.  Many people were surprised with the great match of persimmon and prosciutto!  Prosciutto is rich in protein and persimmon is rich in Vitamin C.
These are two different kinds of finger food style quiches.  The left one is made with chickpeas, olives, and rosemary.  The right one is my usual green vegetable and tofu quiche and similar to the one at
The right one is roasted and marinated beet with mozzarella cheese and the left one is stuffed mushroom and ground pork and red bell pepper are included.
I also prepared baguette sandwiches with hummus and apple loafs.
I talked about how I became a fashion journalist in New York as well as some of my interesting experience through my career as a fashion journalist.
The networking party had fun atmosphere as usual and everyone enjoyed my foods.


Finger Foods at HappyDoll Fall Cleaning Party ハッピードール秋のクリーニングパーティでフィンガーフード

Yesterday, I prepared finger foods for the HappyDoll Fall Cleaning Party in Manhattan.  HappyDoll is a non profit organization which connects children around the world using dolls made by children as traveling ambassadors with messages of hope.  The details about the organization can be found at  Ms. Terao Nozomi, the founder of HappyDoll holds "cleaning party" twice a year.  She asks people to bring something which is in good condition but they will no longer use with $25.00 admission and the participants can take home what they want for free!  The leftover goods have been donated to charity organizations.  This time, they will be donated to Homes for the Homeless, Room to Grow, and The Japanese American Association of NY.  It is a wonderful event as we can clean up our closet if we see something we want, we can take them to our home without spending additional money and at the same time, we can contribute to our community!  I prepared five different kinds of finger foods for 40 people.  Four of them were foods I introduced in my blog before; finger Food Style Quiche with Green Vegetables and Tofu, Hors d'oeuvre with Belgian Endive, Apple Loaf with Goji Berries and Hemp Seeds, and Baguette Sandwich with Hummus.  The other one was banana bread. 
昨日は、マンハッタンで行われたハッピードールの秋のクリーニングパーティ用に、フィンガーフードをご用意させていただきました。ハッピードールは子供たちによってつくられた人形に希望のメッセージをのせて大使として旅をさせることで世界中の子供たちをつなぐ非営利団体です。この団体についての詳細は、でご覧いただけます。ハッピードールの創立者の寺尾のぞみさんは年2回、「クリーニングパーティ」を開催していらっしゃいます。コンディションがよくても使わなくなったものを25ドルの参加費と共に持ち込んでもらい、参加者は気に入ったものがあれば無料で持って帰ることができるというものです。残品は慈善団体に寄付されます。今回は、Homes for the Homeless, Room to Grow, The Japanese American Association of NYの3団体に寄付されました。クローゼットの整理ができて、欲しいものがあればお金を使わずに家に持って帰れて、コミュニティに貢献できる、素晴らしいイベントです!私は5種類のフィンガーフード40人分をご用意させていただきました。そのうちの4つは過去にブログでご紹介させていただきました「フィンガーフードスタイルの緑の野菜と豆腐のキッシュ」「エンダイブを使ったオードブル」「クコの実とヘンプシード入りアップルローフ」「フムス入りバゲットサンドイッチ」です。あとの1品はバナナブレッドにしました。
So many people came up to me to say "everything was so delicious!" and "I will follow your blog!" and that made me very happy.
There were various things including women's clothes and accessories, men's clothes, children's clothes, toys and housewares.  I got a package of high-quality salt, a hand mixer and a leather biker jacket!  The next party will be some time in spring.


Lunch at New York Mama Salon ニューヨークママサロンでランチ

Today, there was a workshop about uterus healing as well as enzyme nutrition at New York Mama Salon which is led by Ms. Naoko Fitzgerald who is very powerful and active mother of two in New York.  I prepared light lunch for the participants of the workshop and also I attended the workshop.  I prepared kale salad with roasted beets and goat cheese, another salad with tomatoes, grapefruits, and avocados, and the finger food style green vegetable and tofu quiche.  I was very glad to hear that everyone said "delicious!" and "they look very pretty!"

Many vegetables and goat cheese are those I bought in the green market in Union Square yesterday.  It was crowded as usual.
I was going to use yam for the kale salad, but I did not see any yam yesterday. Instead, I thought these beets looked delicious so I bought a bunch.  When I cut it, the inside looked like candy cane and it was not totally red inside.

She is Naoko!  She has been organizing various activities for Japanese mothers in New York.  As Helloween is approaching, her salon was decorated with lots of Helloween goods.
She is Chizuko Mori who is Hydrotherm Therapist.  Chizuko talked about how important for women to heal uterus in order to have a happy life.  She later provided short hydrotherm massage and it was so relaxing!
She is Kiyoko Kitazawa who is Balance Beauty Advisor.  Kiyoko talked about enzyme nutrition as well as foods we should eat and we should not to be healthy.  As I have been trying to eat fresh fruits before each meal in order to utilize the power of enzyme, it was quite interesting.  Kiyoko later provided facial massage using a roller.  It was quite painful, but apparently that means that I need more detox!


Hors d'oeuvre with Belgian Endive エンダイブを使ったオードブル

I have made hors d'oeuvre with Belgian endives with different contents but this could be my new favorite!  I think the color combination is very pretty.  Smoked salmon contains astaxanthin which has powerful antioxidant.  According to this article,, goat cheese is relatively low in calories and fat, and it can help to boost metabolism and also it is high in protein.  Kiwi is rich in Vitamin C.  According to this article,, pomegranate can help to reduce wrinkles as well as lighten the skin tone.  Belgian endive is rich in Vitamin A!  This food which has pretty color combinations as well as lots of beauty benefits, will be very useful in the upcoming party season!


Yam ヤム

Yams are orange potatoes that are commonly eaten in New York on Thanksgiving Day and other occasions during fall and winter.   In New York, we also see sweet potatoes in the same seasons and the two look very similar.  According to the data from USDA, as well as, yams are rich in potassium and Vitamin C, while sweet potatoes are rich in Vitamin A.  These are organic yams. 
I don't like the sweetness of the yams, therefore, I try to cook yams in a way which I don't have to taste the sweetness.  This is a warm salad which I mixed roasted yams, raisins which absorbed balsamic vinegar, goat cheese, and chopped rosemary.  I had this as a breakfast this morning, and it was quite delicious!
These are yam pancakes I prepared two days ago.   Miso and soy sauce were included in the seasoning, and they were good, too!
I mixed carrots and scallions with yams.  The chopped orange things on the scallions were chopped fresh turmeric I bought in the local green market on Saturday.  It was my first time to see fresh turmeric and the taste was a little bit similar to the taste of ginger.
This is fresh turmeric in the green market.


Baguette Sandwich with Hummus フムス入りバゲットサンドイッチ

I have been making hummus at home and the other day, I prepared a baguette sandwich with hummus.  I looks festive and it would be a healthy sandwich for a party!
But in this case, the chopped tomatoes tend to fall off of the bread as we eat them.  Therefore, I roasted a red bell pepper and then cut that into strips and mixed them with hummus.  This was easier than using chopped tomatoes when we ate them.  In terms of the taste, I like it both ways. 


Finger Food Style Quiche with Green Vegetable and Tofu フィンガーフードスタイルの緑の野菜と豆腐のキッシュ

Holiday season is approaching!  Recently, I have been trying to establish various kinds of finger foods which would work for parties.   I had introduced green vegetable quiche in my past post,   Today, I added avocado, and used soy milk instead of whole milk and heavy cream and then prepared them as finger foods.
This was right before I started cooking this.  I put three different cheeses on the top. 
I feel this dish is really good for health and beauty!


Bonito カツオ

This morning, the fish vendor in the local green market had bonitoes!  It is very unusual for them to carry bonitoes and bonitoes have beauty benefits so I bought a piece!  It was $12.99 per pound.  Bonitoes are rich in protein as well as Vitamin D.  Dr. R, my gynecologist told me to make sure that Vitamin D was included in the calcium supplements I have been taking, as Vitamin D is very important for women to have healthy bones.  Dr. R said that we can get Vitamin D from sun exposure but I would rather avoid sun exposure because I am concerned about spots on my skin.  Vitamin D is also known to be important to increase digestive power. 

I seared the bonito in a pan very briefly and then sliced them.  I wish I could have cut the fish better, but the taste was still great!  I prepared two different seasonings; the one kind had grated ginger and soy sauce, and the other one had chopped garlic, rosemary and extra virgin olive oil.  The both were so good!  I wish I have bought them more!  If the vendor has bonitoes next week again, I would look to buy more.
Regarding the ginger, I used this ginger which I bought in the green market this morning.  This ginger was sold as "baby ginger" but in Japan, it is called "ha-shouga" (it is literally translated to leaves ginger).  The sign said, "use root and leaves", so I asked the vendor how we could eat the leaves and she suggested me to use them for tea. 
So I prepared tea with some of the ginger and leaves.  I would normally add lemon and honey to ginger for a drink, but it was fine with just this ginger.
I here introduce some sites I learned about the nutritional facts about bonitoes.



Dual Specialty Store デュアル・スペシャリティーストア

Yesterday, I wrote about hemp seeds.  I wanted to add hemp seeds to an apple loaf when I saw this label, "delightful addition to cereal, salads and baked goods.  Hulled hemp seed is high in Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids."  According to this article,, hemp seed is one of the best Omega-3 foods.  Some of the benefits Omega-3 are moisturizing dry skin and reducing cellulite according to this article,!  Omega-3 is usually contained in fishes such as sardine, blue fish and mackerel but I don't always have an opportunity to eat fresh fishes, therefore, I thought it would be a good idea if I add hemp seeds to some food.
I bought this hemp seed in Dual Specialty Store in East Village.  This store is like a wonderland to me!  There are so many different curry powders, herbs, spices, as well as oils and many other foods!  I would not get bored even if I stay here for one hour. 
With the permission from the store, I took these pictures.

I asked the sales person what he would recommend for skin and the first thing I identified was bitter gourd!  They carry so many different herbs and spices yet the first thing he recommended was bitter gourd which are available in many other stores!  lol
He also recommended this.  He said it was like jerry but it was more than $16.00 so I did not buy this time.

Saffron which is normally expensive, is only $4.95 for 0.50 grams here.  There are many herbs and spices I am not familiar with but I would like to experiment in my cooking!