My Lecture and Finger Foods for FIT JSAA 日本FIT会NY支部での講演とフィンガーフード

I am an alumni from FIT, Fashion Institute of Technology in NY.  FIT JSAA ( FIT Japanese Students and Alumni Association) is a networking group of Japanese graduates in NY and current students at FIT and I have served as a head of the FIT JSAA.  We have been organizing small scale of lecture and networking parties few times a year and this time, we received a request for a lecture by me and we held that in the evening on the 22nd.  The location was a meeting room in Zero Halliburton's New York Flagship store thanks to Mr. Osaki, the President of Zero Halliburton.  The store is located at 300 Madison Avenue.  The information about Zero Halliburton can be found at

I prepared some finger foods for the networking party. 
This is a piece of persimmon wrapped with prosciutto and attached with a grape tomato with a toothpick.  Many people were surprised with the great match of persimmon and prosciutto!  Prosciutto is rich in protein and persimmon is rich in Vitamin C.
These are two different kinds of finger food style quiches.  The left one is made with chickpeas, olives, and rosemary.  The right one is my usual green vegetable and tofu quiche and similar to the one at
The right one is roasted and marinated beet with mozzarella cheese and the left one is stuffed mushroom and ground pork and red bell pepper are included.
I also prepared baguette sandwiches with hummus and apple loafs.
I talked about how I became a fashion journalist in New York as well as some of my interesting experience through my career as a fashion journalist.
The networking party had fun atmosphere as usual and everyone enjoyed my foods.