My Cooking Class at NY Mama Salon NYママサロンでのお料理教室

Today, I was invited to do my cooking class at NY Mama Salon!  It was the first time in ten years for me to do a cooking class!  With warm support from Ms. Naoko Fitzgerald who was the founder of the NY Mama Salon, my cooking class was successfully done!  Thank you very much, Naoko san!  Also, thank you very much for everyone who came today!!!
Naoko has been doing many classes and workshops in the NY Mama Salon and she is good at table setting!  Today, she did this beautiful table setting for my cooking class! 
Naoko also prepared the pretty binders for my recipes.  I was very glad to hear that everyone said my recipes were very detailed and easy to follow! 

I showed how to make hummus and introduced baguette sandwich and canapé with hummus.  Participants enjoyed making canapé as well.  Everyone loved the aroma from the hummus with parsley and rosemary!
I was so relieved that I was able to complete everything including kale and chickpea soup, kale salad, and soupy rice with seafood and tomatoes!
The eating time started with kale and chickpea soup!  I was very happy to hear "delicious" many times from everyone! 
At the end, I introduced my favorite hibiscus and rosehip tea.  I would appreciate it if you could take a look of my past article, about this tea.  This is the tea which Physical GraffiTea in East Village has been selling as a "Beauty Skin Tonic."  I see more hibiscus tea available these days, but we don't know if we like the taste unless we try.  I thought today was a good opportunity for people to try the tea.  Everyone said, "very delicious!" and had two to three cups of the tea!
最後に、私のお気に入りのハイビスカスとローズヒップのお茶をご紹介させていただきました。このお茶のことは、過去のブログの記事 でご紹介させていただいていますので、よろしければご覧くださいね。イーストビレッジのフィジカルグラフィティアというお店で売っている「ビューティスキントニック」というお茶です。最近、ハイビスカスのお茶、増えてきている感じがしていますが、実際に飲んでみないと好みかどうかわからないですよね。ですので、この機会に是非とも皆さんに飲んでみていただきたいと思ったのです。皆さん、すごくおいしい!とおっしゃってくださり、2~3杯おかわりされていました!