2016 Christmas Dinner 2016年クリスマスディナー

Hello, everyone.  On Christmas Day, I prepared creamed vegetable pot pie and red risotto in addition to roasted chicken and vegetables.  To me, they are very suitable menu for Christmas.  For the pot pie, I put carrots, Brussels sprouts, and small turnips.  Carrots are rich in vitamin A and beta carotene, and Brussels sprout is rich in vitamin C and folate.
I cut the carrots with Christmas tree and angel shaped cutting molds.  It is fun to open the cover and look for them!
The red risotto is made with mainly beets and tomato.  I think this red risotto is suitable for Christmas as well.  I can freeze the leftover of this.  Beet is rich in folate which is known to help tissues to grow smoothly, so it is good for skin, hair, nails, and other organs.   Tomato is rich in vitamin C, and cooked tomato contains more lycopene which could lighten skin than raw tomato. 
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