2017 Mochi Soup 2017年 お雑煮

A Happy New Year!  I wish only the best to my friends, family, and everyone who has been reading my blog!  In Japan, we traditionally have "ozouni" (Japanese style soup with mochi for New Year) for New Year, and I made this ozouni this morning.  It was so good!  The broth is made with kombu seaweed (kelp), dried shiitake mushroom, and chicken breast.  Kelp is rich in iodine which has many benefits for health and beauty; one of them is supporting metabolism.  Kelp is also a good resource for vitamin B-2 which accelerates digesting fat as well as helping to regenerate skin, hair, and nail.  Dried shiitake mushroom is also rich in vitamin B-2! 
I cut the carrots with hagoita (a kind of Japanese badminton racket but we play that only for New Year) shaped cutting mold.  The chopstick rest also has the shape and painting like hagoita.
Besides mochi and carrot, I put chicken breast, dried shiitake mushroom, bamboo shoot, and spinach.  I bought carrot and spinach in the local farmers market yesterday morning.  I feel very thankful about that high quality foods are available locally!
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