Congee with Small Red Beans (Adzuki) and Pumpkins カボチャ入り小豆粥

Hello, everyone!  We had snow last night.  Although the snow stopped by this morning, it has been cold all day, and it seems that we will have snow again tomorrow.  Therefore, I made this congee with small red beans or adzuki and pumpkins for lunch.  I sprinkled chopped scallions on the top.  This turned out to be very delicious, warm comfort food! 
Small red beans have lots of benefits for beauty and health.  They contain very high concentration of antioxidants according to this article.  Small red beans are also rich in potassium and they contain relatively good amount of protein as well.
Small red beans are commonly used for Japanese sweets, but are also cooked with sticky rice; it is called "osekihan" which is served to celebrate something.  I love osekihan!
As for the pumpkins, I used this red kuri kabocha.  I bought this in my local farmers market.  I love this pumpkin, because the color of the skin is the same to the color of inside and I don't need to peel the skin off, and the taste is good!  Pumpkin is very rich in vitamin A which helps skin and membrane healthy. 
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