Herring ニシン

Hello, everyone.  Herring is not necessary to be popular fish, but herring is rich in protein as well as vitamin B-12.  According to this article, vitamin B-12 would help maintain a healthy digestive system.  Fresh herrings are not always available to purchase, but marinated herrings are often seen in stores.  I recently found herrings in mustard sauce which were delicious and I have been trying different ways to use them.  This could be my favorite one!  It looks very pretty!  This was surely tasty as well, so I look forward to introducing this in some kind of opportunity. 
In Japan, we have "soba with herring" which is originally from Kyoto.  Although I was born and grown up in Tokyo, I like soba with herring.  I made this for today's lunch.  This was delicious, too!  I put lots of leeks for the topping. 
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