Ground Beef 牛ひき肉

Hello, everyone!  Today, I used grass-fed ground beef for lunch and dinner.  Ground beef is high in zinc which is known to be good for healthy hair.  I made curry with the ground beef for dinner.  After I made the curry, I put that in food processor to mince the curry, and I then heated that up again.  After I poured that on the rice, I sprinkled parmesan cheese and chopped cilantro.  This turned out to be pretty and I got many likes in my Instagram.
As for lunch, I made zhajiangmian style noodle.  I think miso is normally used for zhajiangmian, but I ran out miso, so I used only mirin and soy sauce as well as chopped ginger.  As for the soup, I mixed whole milk and mentsuyu ( noodle soup base), and heated the soup up.  The ratio of milk and noodle soup base is 50/50.  After I put udon noodle and the soup into the bowl, I added chili oil and cilantro.  This was very delicious!
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