Soupy Rice with Seafood and Tomatoes シーフードとトマトのスープご飯

I bought clams, mussels, squids, and tomatoes in the local green market this morning, and made soupy rice with seafood and tomatoes for dinner!  This is very quick and easy and it looks great and the taste was wonderful! 
There are only two things we have to be careful about; the first one is not to cook the shellfish and squid too long and the second is to make sure that the rice becomes soft enough to eat!  Also, it would be good to reduce the amount of salt than usual, as the juice from the shellfish is salty.  What I love about this food is that, as long as the rice becomes soft, I do not have to wait until the liquid is absorbed unlike the paella and risotto, and also the color of the rice is pretty without using saffron.  Beauty benefits can be surely expected as zinc-rich shellfish, protein-rich squid, and tomatoes whose lycopene is four times more bioavailable in cooked tomatoes than in fresh tomatoes are included. 
I believe it would be good to put lemon juice when we eat this.  I was going to do so but then I forgot about it!  Because this was so delicious, I concentrated on eating this and when I finished eating, I realized that I did not add lemon juice!  Too bad!!


Spagetti with Corn, Bacon, and Spinach コーンとベーコンとホウレンソウのスパゲティ

I have been with my computer all day today to reply for the invitations for the New York Fashion Week and confirm schedules with my photographer, etc.  When I do not move around, I want to avoid getting too much carbohydrate.  Also, I cannot spend much time for cooking now.  Therefore, I prepared spaghetti with corn, bacon, and spinach for dinner.  As I used corn, I reduced the amount of pasta and I feel the amount was just right!  I added corn when I was boiling the pasta, and I added spinach at the end and then turned off the fire.  I gently cooked the slices of garlic until golden brown at the same time I was cooking the bacon, and then put the garlic chips on the top!   I was able to reduce cooking time, the color combination was pretty, I was able to reduce the amount of pasta, and also the taste was good!
I also prepared roasted beets and red onions with rosemary.  This is a vegetable dish without any effort required!  I don't peel the skins of beets away; I just cut them and coated them with salt, pepper, and olive oil and then put them in toaster oven!  It is so easy, and the taste is sweet and good! 



Multi-Grain Rice with Black Soybeans 黒豆入り雑穀ご飯

I used to eat black soybeans only on New Year's Day.  In Japan, we traditionally eat cooked black soybeans with sugar and soy sauce to celebrate New Year.  But since I learned about the beauty benefits of black soybeans, I have been trying to eat black soybeans all year around.  Anthocyanins contained in black soybeans are known to be powerful antioxidants and also they are known to improve collagen.

One of my favorite ways to eat the black soybeans is multi-grain rice with black beans, and I made that for dinner today.
I used this black soybeans which I bought in a Japanese grocery store in New York.
I roasted the black soybeans in the frying pan until the majority of skins got broken, and then mixed them with the multi-grain rice.
When it was done, it looked like this!  It was very delicious!  This is really my favorite!
I also prepared rolled egg with carrots, spinach, and hijiki(sea weed) and chicken cutlets for dinner.  I usually prepare plain rolled egg with egg and seasonings only, but as the Fashion Week is approaching, I try to include lots of nourishment into minimum number of dishes.  I always mix white sesame and parmesan cheese with bread crumbs when I prepare chicken cutlets.  I have been doing that for many years.

There are many other benefits we can get from black soybeans.  I here put the link I checked for reference.


Mushuroom & Potato Soup マッシュルームとポテトのスープ

The New York Fashion Week is approaching!  As I am writing many business articles about fashion and retail, I am busy all year around, but New York Fashion Week is indeed one of the busiest times of the year to me.  As I am getting busier, one-dish meal which I can prepare quickly and eat quickly and also produces a long-lasting feeling of satiety, would be convenient to me.

So, I prepared mushroom and potato soup for lunch today.  I put garlic and onion as well. 
I put some Havarti cheese at the end.  I use this cheese for quiche and risotto as well; It is very mild cheese.  I like to put cheese in mushroom soups.  I don't remember the name of the café, but there is a self-service café just north of the Franklyn street station in Manhattan and the soups there are quite good.  One day, when I had a mushroom soup there, I found melted cheese in the soup and it was very delicious.  Since then, I have been using cheese in my mushroom soups.
With cheese and potato as well as milk, this soup got thick and I was able to feel full for a while.  Mushrooms contain Vitamin B2 which would be helpful to speed up metabolism of fats, and Vitamin C contained in potatoes is known to be relatively retained even when the potatoes are cooked. 

Of, now I remember that I had only smoothie this morning!  I prepared the smoothie with kale, cucumber, pineapple, and banana.  With a banana, it got thick and produced a long-lasting feeling of satiety.

French style Hayashi Rice which I learned in Shibuya 渋谷で教わったフレンチ風ハヤシライス

My major in a collage in Tokyo was fashion design and right after my graduation, I joined an apparel company as a designer for women's clothes.  In the late 1980's, I was working in the office on Meiji street in Shibuya.  Behind the office, there was a small French restaurant on the Cat Street called "ima"(living room).  The restaurant was located on the second floor of a small building and it was always crowded at lunch time, because they served good French foods at affordable prices during the lunch time.  It was one of the popular restaurants among people in our office and I went there for lunch with my colleagues once in a while.

I think it was some time in 1987.  It was a very busy day for me and when I finally had a moment for lunch, I went there myself.  It was late for lunch so it was not as crowded as usual.  I sat at the counter because I was alone, and also because I was able to observe what the chef was cooking from the stool.  There was a gas stove near the stool where I sat; the chef then put a big piece of butter in the heated frying pan and started sautéing wheat flour. 
I thought "wow, what is he going to do with such a big piece of butter?", and then asked the chef, "what are you making?"  He said, "I am making French style Hayashi rice."  Hayashi rice is a popular dish in Japan as a Western style food and commonly a dish which contains cooked beef and vegetables with demi-glace sauce and served with rice; though the chef said he did not use demi-glace sauce.  He was sautéing the wheat flour until it developed very dark brown color. 
The chef added the dark brown roux into the sauteed vegetables and meat and then mixed all together well.
He then started stewing that after he added water and many different seasonings as well as herbs. I was carefully watching what he was doing and he kindly gave me the names of all the seasonings and herbs he used.  I later had the French style Hayashi rice in the restaurant and then I tried this at home.  I think I was able to reproduce quite similar taste to this!
I started cooking this yesterday and had this for dinner today, as I think the taste would be better in the next day than the day I cook.  It was so delicious!  I assume that the reason why the chef said "French style" was because he used lots of butter and also it was Hayashi rice made in the French restaurant.  I used many carrots which contained lots of beta carotene and Vitamin A as well as onions, garlic, and ginger.  Beef contains lots of zinc as well as protein.  According to Ms. Asako Miyashita, the Registered Dietitian who works at Nihon Medical Healthcare in New York, Zinc and protein as well as Vitamin C and Vitamin E are very important nutrition in order to maintain healthy hair.  As I am aging, I am concerned about that my hair started losing its volume and shine these days.  I still have the leftover of the Hayashi rice, so I will have this again tomorrow!


Chicken Liver チキンレバー

I know, I know, some people don't like to eat liver, or even hate to see it.  However, liver is one of the foods which have great beauty benefits!  According to the nutrition charts I used for reference, chicken liver is listed as the top source of Vitamin A, and the second highest in iron after the pork liver.  Both iron and Vitamin A are necessary to produce collagen.  I am not familiar with handling pork liver, so I don't cook it myself.  The livers I cook are only chicken and monk fish.  I can cook good taste chicken liver foods but in terms of making photogenic foods with chicken liver, it has been challenging to me.  The other day, I cooked chicken liver with onions, eggplants, garlics and tomatoes and then added cheese on the top and then put it in a oven.  After that, I sprinkled chopped parsley on the top.  It was good and I think this was relatively photogenic as a chicken liver food.
In the beginning of June, I prepared this and posted in my Facebook and it was quite popular.  The yellow flowers on the top were kale flowers which I got from the local green market at that time.  The chicken liver was sandwiched between the slices of tomatoes and cucumbers. 
This is spaghetti with chicken liver paste.  I put black olives when I prepared chicken liver paste.  This may not be as photogenic as the other dishes, but my 15-year-old son who normally did not accept chicken liver said this was delicious, therefore, let me introduce this.  By the way, I did not tell him that this was made of chicken liver before he had it!  lol



Deep Fried Sea Robins with Kiwi Sauce ホウボウのから揚げ、キーウィソース添え

For today's dinner, I prepared deep fried sea robins!  The fish vendor in the local green market had sea robins this morning, and I bought some.  I usually sauté them in olive oil, but today, for the first time, I deep fried them and then put Vitamin C rich kiwi sauce and olive oil on the side.  The combination of this kiwi sauce and the deep fried sea robins was better than I expected!  Sea Robin seems to be a fish which relatively contains protein and potassium.  Protein is necessary to produce collagen and potassium is known to be helpful for speeding up metabolism. 
These are the sea robins I got from the green market.  They are always inexpensive and the taste is pretty good!
The tomatoes and watermelons I used for the salad were also those I bought from the green market this morning, so they were very fresh and tasty! This is the salad to replenish lycopene which would be good for lightening skin tone!

By the way, today, there was a little something which made me happy!  I always buy a San Francisco sour dough bread from the Bread Alone Bakery, so they remember me very well.  Today, when one of the guys recognized that I was approaching to the vendor, he put a San Francisco sour dough bread into a paper bag and as soon as I arrived, he handed it out to me.  He then gave me a small paper bag when he gave me my change. 
I wonder what he gave me and then looked into the bag; there was a piece of small bread with raspberry!  Wow!  I love this kind bread, too!  Lucky!  It was my first time to receive bonus from this vendor, but that made me feel good!  I had that for breakfast and it was yummy! 


Canapé with Hummus フムスを使ったカナッペ

It seems that many people usually use hummus with pita breads.  I think hummus could work well with many other breads except very soft ones.  The other day, my friend M was saying that she loved hummus but she was concerned about that she tended to eat too much breads when she had hummus.  Then I got an idea!  That is canapé with hummus!
I sliced a baguette and then spreaded my homemade hummus and then put chopped tomatoes and black olives or roasted red bell peppers and then sprinkled chopped parsley or rosemary.  I also used sliced cucumbers as well for people who don't to want have any carbohydrate.  I usually like Japanese cucumbers than American cucumbers but in this case, the American cucumbers with the hard skin would work better than Japanese cucumbers.  This color combinations would look good on Christmas party!  The taste?  Of course, they were very delicious!


Watermelon and Tomato Gazpacho & Smoothie スイカとトマトのガスパチョ&スムージー

The other day, my friend Y asked me about food which would lighten her skin tone.  Lycopene is known to be helpful for lightening skin tone, and watermelons and tomatoes are, I believe, the most well-known lycopene-rich foods.  This week, it has been little hotter in New York compared to the last few weeks, therefore, I prepared watermelon and tomato gazpacho!  This soup would have lots of power of lycopene!  I also added onions, cucumbers, as well as olive oil and then put some watermelon balls and chopped parsley on the top!  It looks pretty, doesn't it?  And the taste was so refreshing!  I could have this almost every day!
The watermelon I used was the one I bought in the local green market last Saturday.  I bought a small one and it was $3.00!  Although I know that watermelon especially contains lycopene, I don't feel like I want to buy watermelons in supermarket in off season, therefore, during summer, I try to buy watermelons as much as I can to replenish lycopene! 
By the way, what have you been doing with the watermelon skins after you eat the red parts?  Have you eaten the watermelon skins?  When I found that watermelon skins were edible last summer for the first time, I pickled them with Chinese flavor and they were so good!  I recently did some research on the watermelon skins, and found that the white watermelon skins contain citrulline which is known to improve blood circulation.  This article, is one of those articles which explain about it.  In that case, I would like to make an effort to eat the skins as well!  By the way, the hard skin has to be removed!
This is the pickled watermelon skins with sweet and sour seasonings I recently prepared. They were so good!
The watermelon skins can be added into a salad, too!
For smoothie, I used both red parts and skins as well as tomatoes and pineapples to add sweetness.  This was also very refreshing taste!  I will make this again and again for sure!


Matcha & Soy Milk & Vitamin C 抹茶と豆乳とビタミンC

I had introduced the combination of Vitamin-C rich matcha and yogurt before, but matcha and soy milk is another good combination!  Although the effect of soy on male reproduction seems to be still debated, the isoflavone contained in soy milk is favorable element for women especially in middle age to get beauty benefits.  When I see skin care products which labeled "isoflavone is contained", I tend to think "May be I should buy this." 

Jelly with matcha and soy milk can be used in many different ways.  This may look more like pudding than jelly but I did not use eggs for this.  I like to decorate this with plain yogurt and some fruits.
We could put yogurt on the jelly, too!
We can sprinkle matcha on the top as well! With the sprinkled matcha, we could get more Vitamin C!!
When we prepare the jelly in a glass like this, it gets even more fun!  It might be pretty with sprinkled confection sugar on the top.  The yogurt can be replaced with ice cream, but I guess using yogurt and omitting confection sugar would be healthy.
A smoothie with matcha, soy milk, and bananas is my favorite, too!  It is so yummy!

Matcha crepes with soy milk is fun, too!  I used chocolate cream here. 

By the way, water soluble Vitamin C is known to leave the body easily.  I have been trying to take Vitamin-C rich food but I was wondering if my body absorbs Vitamin C decently.  I then asked Ms. Asako Miyashita, the Registered Dietitian who works at Nihon Medical Healthcare in New York about this.  Ms. Miyashita said, "Vitamin C is not stored in the body.  If you intake excess amounts of Vitamin C, it is excreted in the urine.  One of the good keys for absorption of Vitamin C is having the healthy digestive system."  I was so relieved to hear that!  I don't know the situation in other countries, but in the U.S.A., when we reach to a certain age, we are told to take a intestine check-up.  Depending on the result, we are told to come back in three years or five years for the next check-up, and in my case, I was told to come back in eight years!  When I told this to my friend who was in the same age, he said to me, "I've never heard of someone who was told to come back in eight years!  You must have had very clean and healthy intestine!"  lol  Also, I have not been taking Vitamin C supplements, but Ms. Miyashita told me, "In the case of Vitamin C, it would be the best to take Vitamin C from food.  I have seen some people whose skin problem was not solved by supplements and then solved with food."  When I heard that, I felt relieved and at the same time, I thought to develop beauty food with Vitamin C more and more!
ところで、水溶性のビタミンCはすぐにからだから流れていってしまうと言われますよね。私はビタミンC豊富な食べ物をできるだけとるように心がけていますが、私のからだがちゃんとビタミンCを吸収しているのかしらとちょっと気になっていました。そこで先日、ニューヨークの日本クリニックで米国登録栄養士をされている宮下麻子さんにお伺いしたところ、「ビタミンCは体内で貯蔵することはできないので、過剰に摂取した場合は、尿から排泄されます。吸収するために大事なことの1つは、腸内が健康であることです」とのお答えでした。それを聞いてほっと一安心!というのも、他の国ではどうか知らないのですが、アメリカではある年齢に達すると、大腸検査をするように言われます。そしてその結果次第で、次回の検査は3年後ですとか、5年後ですとか言われるのですが、私は次回は8年後と言われたのですよね!その話を同年代の友人にしたら、「8年後なんて言われた人聞いたことない!よっぽどきれいな腸をしてたんだねえ!」と言われました。笑 それから、私はビタミンCのサプリをとっていないのですが、宮下さんは、「ビタミンCは食べ物でとるのが一番。サプリで肌の荒れが改善されず、食べ物で治った例を見てきています」とおっしゃっていらっしゃいました。これに関しても良かった!と思うと同時に、ビタミンCが含まれている美容食をもっともっと考えてみよう!と思いました。

She is Ms. Asako Miyashita.  I learned a lot from Ms. Miyashita!


Myoga & Corn Silk's Tempura 茗荷とヤングコーンのひげの天麩羅

Myoga, translated as Japanese ginger in English, may not be widely known other than among Japanese people.  It is a popular summer vegetable in Japan for the distinctive aroma and little bitter but refreshing taste.  In New York, as long as I know, we can purchase myoga only in Japanese grocery stores.  On Saturday, I had an opportunity to go to a Japanese grocery store and bought some myogas.  Myoga is known to improve blood circulation, therefore I hope this could be helpful to lighten my skin tone! 
As myoga is little expensive in New York, I took into consideration about how to cook this, and I decided to use some of them for tempura.  I also prepared sweet potato tempura which has been always popular in my home, but I also prepared another tempura with corn silk from baby corns.  I have not eaten corn silk from regular corns, but the corn silk from baby corns is so soft and according to this site,, "It is true that corn silk can be widely used for the detoxification of the body."
So these are the myoga tempura (lower right) and corn silk tempura!  Both of them were pretty delicious!  It was my first time to eat corn silk, and from now on, when I buy baby corns, I will always eat the corn silk as well!


Baby Corns & Manila Clams Cooked with Tomatoes ヤングコーンとアサリのトマト煮

Yesterday, in the local green market, I found baby corns.  It was $2.00 for five baby corns and when I noticed them, they were the last five, so I immediately grabbed them!  lol   I see baby corns only for a short period of time in summer.  It's nice to have seasonal foods!
昨日、地元のグリーンマーケットでヤングコーンを売っているのを見つけました。5本で2ドルで、私が気付いたとき、最後の5本だったので、これは買わなきゃ!と咄嗟につかんでいました!笑 ヤングコーンは夏の間のほんの短い期間しか見かけないのですよね。その季節の旬の食べ物っていいですよね!
In the early afternoon, I went to Daido, a Japanese grocery store, and bought some Manila clams (or asari in Japanese).  This kind of clam is not available in fish vendors in the local green market.  It is smaller than regular clams and it contains especially lots of Vitamin B12 and iron. 
For today's lunch, I cooked the baby corns and Manila clams with tomatoes and garlic.  I put the chopped parsley leaves at the end, and I think this turned to be colorful and cheerful.  The baby corns contain potassium which is known to be helpful for detox as well as for relieving stress.  The Vitamin B12 contained in the Manila clams is also known to be good for mental health.  When I think about beauty food, I think reducing stress and keeping mental balance would be important elements, too.  The baby corns which absorbed the juice from the Manila clams, were tender and also crunchy and this dish was very delicious!  Now, I hope I can sleep well tonight!


Chickpea Balls with Olives オリーブ入りひよこ豆の団子

Today, I used the final leftover of boiled chickpeas to make balls.  But this is little different from typical falafel balls.  I wanted to be able to eat this alone, not with any sauce.  And then I thought about mixing chopped olives.  I also put chopped onions and parsley stems.  Parsley is iron-rich and Vitamin-C rich as well as carotene-rich vegetable, so I don't want to waste them and this was a great way to use the stems. 
I also added a egg, bread crumbs, salt and pepper, and then made balls and pan-fried until the exterior got nice golden brown.  And these are the finished balls!  I was right to put olives in the balls and these were so good without any sauce!  Olives are Vitamin-E rich food which would be very good for skin, therefore, this balls should have lots of beauty benefits!!

By the way, of course, if you have parsley leaves, you could chop the leaves and put them in the balls as well.  But I used the parsley leaves for chickpea soup last night and saved stems only for today!  I put curry powder in this soup as well and it was very delicious!


Curry Powder カレー粉

Do you like curry?  I love all kinds of curry including Japanese style, Indian style, and Thai style!  I also love to use curry powder for many different dishes.  Curry powder includes many different spices such as turmeric, coriander, cumin, red pepper, black pepper, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, nutmeg, and these spices could help digestion and detox and also would warm up our body.  Therefore, we can expect beauty benefits by adding curry powder!  That's so easy!

This is the curry powder I have been using for many years.  I buy this in Japanese grocery stores in New York City.  According to the S&B's website, the founder developed the first curry powder in Japan in 1923!  To me, this is nostalgic taste and also this taste does not bore me. 
When I grilled a salmon the other day, I mixed flour and curry powder and then coated the salmon with the mix.  It was good!
When I cooked chicken drum sticks with garlics, onions, tomatoes, as well as lots of herbs, I also put curry powder.  I think the combination of curry powder and tomatoes is a good match!  When I make a tomato based soup, I sometimes put curry powder in it as well.
In this red potato salad, I used a mixture of curry and mayonnaise.  Red potato salads which are normally available in delis in New York did not look delicious to me, I then thought about a good way to eat red potatoes and I created this original recipe about 13 years ago.  Since then, this salad has been always very popular!